How an inconsistent digital presence can hurt franchisees' restaurants.

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Many franchisees struggle to establish an effective online presence while keeping their digital content relevant, and consistent, and optimizing their advertising strategies. It’s a delicate balance that requires adherence to brand guidelines while maintaining a savvy digital strategy to attract and retain customers. 

It is important to align the enterprise brand message with local franchise locations. If advertisements don’t tie the brand message to the individual franchise location message, the information becomes weak and unclear. “It’s all about maintaining consistency with advertising messages for both the brand and the local franchisee at the same time,” says Angie Cordova, vice president of product management at Ansira. “If the consumer sees one thing in the ad and something different on the website or app it creates a broken experience we want to avoid.”

Brand inconsistencies can be as simple as varying color schemes, contradicting operation hours, and outdated menus across different platforms. “If the media advertisements and franchisee location information are conflicting or outdated, a consumer prospect could become easily distracted, which may ultimately influence them to go somewhere else,” Cordova says. 

Empowering franchisees to overcome these challenges, Ansira offers tailored marketing solutions. Ansira connects the enterprise brand with franchisees while maintaining brand equity and enabling local creativity and differentiation.

“How do you make sure consumers will go to your location instead of someone else’s?” Cordova asks. “I encourage finding subtle and creative ways to be different, especially if you’re a local restaurant operator in a sea of other local restaurants under the same brand. Standing apart goes a long way in developing loyalty with consumers in your local area.” Whether sponsoring local events, charities, or promotions, Ansira helps franchisees connect with their community in meaningful ways.

Ansira empowers franchisees with powerful media mix solutions including SEO optimization and paid media strategies while keeping websites updated. By leveraging these digital strategies, franchisees can boost their websites for search engines and create compelling, localized content that drives paid and organic traffic along with consumer engagement.

Ansira’s use of artificial intelligence is a game-changer in digital advertising. Ansira’s AI manages media budgeting and bidding in real-time, optimizing the allocation of resources to maximize return on investment. This means franchisees can achieve more with their marketing budgets, reaching a broader audience more efficiently. “It’s making the media dollars stretch farther,” Cordova says. “You’re getting more consumer eyeballs and brand awareness in the media mix, but for the same amount of dollars because the AI is moving the media dollars to the best-performing publishers, channels, and ad types.” 

Ansira emphasizes the importance of data-driven decisions. “It’s tempting for most people to say, “I like how this looks,” or “Let me insert this here,” based on a feeling or emotion. But looking at the actual data is important,” Cordova says. Regularly analyzing data helps franchisees adjust their strategies based on consumer behavior, seasonality, and market trends, ensuring their digital marketing efforts are always relevant and compliant. 

Ansira provides restaurant leaders and franchisees with the tools, strategies, and insights needed to maintain brand consistency, optimize digital presence, and engage local consumers. Utilizing Ansira’s expertise, franchisees can master advertising challenges and grow restaurants to new levels. 

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By Olivia Schuster 

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