Earlier this month, we introduced our first QSR Evolution Innovators program. The idea was to highlight and connect some of the forward-thinking operators on the front lines of the sector’s progress. That overall vision—to propel quick service rather than focus on the COVID depths—was central to why we launched the QSR Evolution Conference last year. Hence, the name.

Our first Innovator is Masood Din. The entrepreneur started as a dishwasher before founding his own brand, ATL Wing Spot, located in Long Island, New York. A year later, it ended the calendar with nearly $1.5 million in sales out of a 1,000-square-foot location. He’s begun working on franchising the brand.

If you want to be considered for this Year’s Class of QSR Evolution Innovators and be eligible for a half-price ticket to our Atlanta Conference, nominate here!

Where did you get started?

I started in the restaurant industry working part-time in high school at Dunkin’ and fell in love with the fast-paced environment.

Why go start your own brand?

I decided to start my own brand because I wanted to bring a fresh approach to the wing industry and create something unique with over 25 flavors. Also, the challenges of owning a franchise required a lot of money. So, I chose to start my own.

How was the first year?

The first year running ATL Wing Spot was challenging, but rewarding. I learned the importance of strong leadership, customer service, and consistency.

How does the brand stand out?

ATL Wing Spot stands out in the market with our unique secret menu, which drives 40 percent of our sales. Also, our flavor combinations, high-quality ingredients, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

What’s ahead?

The next step for ATL Wing Spot is to franchise (we have that in the works), and expand to new locations and continue to innovate our menu offerings and also have limited time offers.

What advice would you give somebody looking to get started?

My advice to young entrepreneurs would be to stay true to your vision, work hard, and never stop learning and adapting.

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