Gyroville is the brainchild of a classically trained chef who grew up working in diners operated by his Greek family; Lambros Kokkinelis wanted to deliver the traditions of the Greek Isles in a fast-casual setting. Today there are nine Gyroville locations in the U.S., with more in development. Everything on the menu is made in-house daily using a build-your-own assembly bar.

“Gyroville has shown that creativity can come in the form of tzatziki,” says David Kurlander, chief operating officer. The brand has created signature sauces with a tzatziki base, including Spinach Jalapeño, Carmelized Onion, Spicy Feta, and Bacon and Onion. All of this innovation was out of the box, Kurlander says, but customers now see the varied tzatzikis (as well as hummus and “Medichurri sauce”) as meal staples.

Customers want flexibility when it comes to a sauce, but Kurlander says the point of a sauce is to accent the protein and vegetables. “At Gyroville, the opportunity to innovate is endless, but guests will always prefer homemade to prepackaged,” he says, adding that a customer favorite is the Greek Vinaigrette. “Ingredients matter.”

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