“Most of the menu development is inspired by my travels. I love to immerse myself in a new culture and explore the underground food scene in a new city. Last year, I spent three weeks in Southeast Asia and came away with ideas for the Yumbii menu that were new and unique. I sit down with the team, and we decide what we can actually make happen, usually in the form of a special or secret menu item on the truck.

“Street food and food trucks go hand in hand! Street food is easy to snack on, can be inspired by a variety of global traditions, and is easy to prepare and eat quickly. I personally love Mexican, Southern, and Asian flavors, and we drew from those culinary backgrounds to create a menu of street food–appropriate bites.

The Players:

• Chicken

• Soy sesame vinaigrette salad

• Red Asian BBQ sauce

• Tortilla

“What I love most about street food is that it’s one of the best ways to get to know a culture. You’re probably going to learn a lot more about a country’s flavors from a taco on the street versus a dish in a five-star restaurant. And I’d argue that a lot of people crave street food on a daily basis—it’s typically comforting, affordable, quick, and satisfying.

“Tacos can be cooked and served quickly, and they’re super easy for breakfast, lunch, or dinner on the go. They can also serve as a vehicle for all sorts of filings. We draw from Southern, Mexican, and Asian flavor profiles, and top the tacos with our signature Red Asian BBQ sauce and soy sesame vinaigrette salad. We also use a lot of fresh herbs like cilantro.”

—Carson Young

Founder & Owner, Yumbii

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