SkinnyFATS opened in Las Vegas in 2013 and has expanded to seven units between Nevada and Texas. A fast casual where half the menu is “healthy” and the other “happy,” SkinnyFATS started making its own “Catchup” in 2016.

“Customers want fewer ingredients, less sugar, and great flavor in a condiment or sauce,” says founder Reed Allen Slobusky. The brand’s Catchup Bars are just one of the ways customers can experience its house-made condiments, which are also for sale by the bottle in numerous grocery stores.

With an eye on less sugar and GMO-free ingredients, Skinny-FATS has plenty of condiment ideas left to play with as it continues to evolve; its new baseline Catchup will have the lowest sugar content in the market, Slobusky says. But flavor is still king. Among SkinnyFATS’ biggest hits? Turmeric hot mustard and pineapple Catchup.

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