You know that feeling when you walk into a restaurant with great branding and decor only to be met with a slow and inefficient ordering process? Suddenly, that inefficiency can cancel out all the positives, detracting from an otherwise fantastic dining experience. This frustration extends to digital orders, especially when modern diners expect a seamless, user-friendly experience from start to finish. Failing to invest in simple, streamlined ordering immediately puts brands at a disadvantage and risk of substantial guest attrition.

Generic, one-size-fits-all solutions might be easier to launch, but they rarely capture the unique personality and operational needs of the brand. Prioritizing adoption of a tailored digital ordering solution that optimizes revenue-driving operations, from menu management and pricing to data analysis, is no longer an option for brands to thrive—sometimes even to stay afloat. 

The Stats Don’t Lie

Restaurants that underinvest in digital are leaving money on the table. 

According to, 97 percent of customers use at least one online ordering platform. But simply having an online presence isn’t enough when 70 percent of restaurants rate their existing tech stacks as “poor” or “fair.”

Brands can’t afford to brush off these stats. Every outdated, clunky or impersonal interaction nudges customers one step closer to another brand with a more frictionless experience. When everyone has online ordering, details make all the difference.

Future-Proofing Through Constant Evolution  

A great tech partner isn’t just focused on solving today’s problems but proactively evolving its solutions to meet the demands of tomorrow. The best providers have extensive industry experience and transaction data to anticipate guests’ needs and adapt to macro trends.

The customization those solutions provide goes far beyond surface-level branding elements. They empower companies to distill the core brand identity and operational intricacies into an intuitive ordering solution that enhances the digital experience.

But customization involves more than just the customer-facing components. How seamlessly solutions integrate with your existing tech stack is equally critical. The right partners ensure their platforms talk to your other restaurant software quickly and effectively. If integrations are clunky, it cripples operational efficiency and turns training into a nightmare as employees struggle to learn disparate systems.

True future-proofing demands flexibility at every level, from menu updates and smart upsells to centralized pricing controls and bulk data management. The most tailored solutions provide this granular customization, empowering teams to iteratively refine operations as priorities shift. One-size-fits-all platforms inevitably reach their limits as your needs evolve beyond their rigid constraints. In contrast, custom-built tech stacks can scale alongside your business with expert support and a consistent stream of enhancements.

The Right Partner Amplifies Your Vision

No one knows your brand better than you. Without the right tech partners to translate that vision into a best-in-class digital experience, restaurants leave revenue on the table and risk diluting their brand identity.

An expert solutions provider will take the time to unpack the nuances and operational details of your business, carefully examine your most pressing pain points and provide hands-on support to ensure their technology works with you, rather than fitting you into their box. The right tech partner can craft an ordering platform that feels like an extension of your restaurant, not some patchwork solution.

In an era where online and in-person dining are inseparable, embracing tailored solutions is the only way for restaurant brands to control their narrative, drive sales and elevate the customer experience. It’s time to serve up an ordering platform as unique and memorable as your food.

Kevin Jaskolka, Senior VP of Marketing at Checkmate, is a seasoned SaaS and Fintech marketing leader. With over 15 years of experience, he has transformed marketing teams into agile, data-driven revenue generators that deliver cross-functional value. Kevin’s expertise in Agile Marketing and team building has helped Checkmate become a leader in restaurant technology. His thought leadership has been featured in Forbes and Fast CMO Magazine. For more information, visit

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