In an industry that’s constantly evolving, the restaurant sector has long awaited a revolution that marries the expertise of its leaders with the capabilities of technology. That’s precisely why Lunchbox has assembled the new Food Tech Council—a powerhouse team of 15 top industry minds to shepherd enterprise innovation into the future of quick-service restaurants.

Making my way from a busboy to CMO at Bareburger, to now, building an enterprise tech company—my goal in the industry has always been to build technology made by operators. This potential, however, remains largely untapped. This realization led to the creation of the Food Tech Council, ensuring the voices of operators are not just heard but drive the change.

The rationale is clear: we need tech solutions that don’t just exist for the sake of innovation but are tailored by the very insights of those who run the restaurant floor. Our council, comprising leaders from Amy Hom to Geoff Alexander, is a unified force set to script the roadmap that resonates with today’s enterprise restaurant needs.

Where technology partners are missing the mark

Without insight on the operator front, technology solutions are building around what they think is best, looking at only data and trends and not customer sentiment. There are three areas where we tech providers can do better: listening, understanding, and iterating based on operator feedback. The operator needs to be in the room when making decisions on the roadmap and shaping the company’s future. We, as tech operators, are too focused on building the next best thing—the biggest innovation—rather than listening and understanding what our restaurant partners are asking for from our current offerings. The restaurateur’s voice is lost in the room of tech companies. 

So, why did we build the council? 

There is a current mismatch between available technology and what operators actually need. Technology in the restaurant industry often seems to be a square peg forced into a round hole—functional but not optimal. The council aims to reshape this narrative.

Who is on this council?

The council is a league of restaurant visionaries, each member selected for their profound operational knowledge and forward-thinking mindset. With over 300 years of combined experience, the council members come from revered brands like Sweetgreen, Carl’s Jr., MOOYAH, and Wow Bao. This diverse assembly brings a wide variety of perspectives, from fast-casual to fine dining — each member being a pioneer in their domain.

Learn more about the Food Tech Council members

What will each member do? 

The Food Tech Council will be the lighthouse guiding Lunchbox’s product innovation and operational strategy. From advising on our product roadmap, to dissecting complex order management solutions, each member will be instrumental in refining and redefining how our technology aligns with enterprise goals.

Amy Hom, the experienced COO and CPO leading the council, said, “It’s like stepping into an innovation kitchen.” We’re set to create a sustainable future for the restaurant industry powered by insight and experience. 

As Lunchbox scales its offerings, it’s about having the right people advising on every aspect. We are staunchly committed to filling the technological gaps, making the life of an operator easier, and enhancing guest experiences. The Food Tech Council is central to this commitment, enabling us to craft best-in-class technology solutions that meet the nuanced demands of enterprise operators.

Our promise is to listen, learn, and lead with a tech approach shaped by people who know the industry and its pain points inside and out. We are not just providing a technology platform; we are redefining the ecosystem where technology and operator intelligence meet.

The path forward is clear. The future is where technology doesn’t just support, but elevates the restaurant experience, with operators at the helm. The Lunchbox Food Tech Council is not just a panel of advisors; it is the thinkers and doers who will ensure that the restaurant industry doesn’t just respond to change but leads it.

For those interested in witnessing the transformation of enterprise restaurant chains or joining this journey, we invite you to learn more about what we do at Lunchbox. 

Nabeel Alamgir is the CEO & cofounder of Lunchbox.

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