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Debate-Pizza Link Continues at Marco's

2015-10-29 As candidates chewed over issues like the economy, foreign policy, and income inequality in both the Democratic and GOP debates, Americans were indulg...

Marco's Finds a Link Between Politics and Pizza

2015-10-13 Tonight the Democrats will host their first nationally televised debate of the election season—and Marco’s Pizza will be ready for a spike in delivery...

Marco's Pizza Targets Rocky Mountain States for Growth

2015-09-30 Marco’s Pizza, the fastest growing pizza franchise in the United States, is targeting the Rocky Mountain states for growth.

Marco's Sweetens the Menu Through New Test Kitchen

2015-08-24 Marco’s Pizza may have christened its new test kitchen this summer with the conception and market introduction of two well-received brownie flavors, b...

Marco's Pizza Adds S'mores Brownie To Summer Menu

2015-06-01 Marco’s Pizza has created two new desserts to tap into a summer flavor trend: s’mores.

Delivery Turns Plane Delay Into Pizza Party

2015-05-29 Passengers were treated to Marco’s Pizza when it was delivered right to their grounded plane in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Marco's Pizza Names New Senior Director of Menu

2015-04-14 Marco's Pizza has named Darren Gray as its senior director of menu and culinary innovation.

Marco's Pizza Recruits Former Army Leader

2015-02-12 Following the debut of a brand new corporate training facility, Marco’s Pizza announcedthe appointment of former Command Sergeant Roderick Sanders to ...

Marco’s Pizza's New LTOs a Little Sweet, a Little Spicy

2014-08-08 Marco’s Pizza added two new pizzas to its menu: Spicy Fresco Three Cheese and Spicy Double Pepperoni Fresco.

Marco’s Adds Spinach with Launch of LTO Pizza

2014-03-20 With a new recipe that combines Italian and Mediterranean flavors, Marco’s Pizza, branded as the “Ah!thentic Italian Pizza” company, will introduce th...