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Despite Setbacks, Subway No. 1 in Consumer Perception

2016-01-19 When it comes to consumer perception, the devil (and also deliverance) is in the details.

Subway to Switch to Cage-Free Eggs

2015-12-29 Subway has been announcing numerous menu improvements over the past few years as part of in its journey to make its menu even better.

Subway Names New CMO

2015-12-03 Subway Restaurants president and CEO Suzanne Greco announced the appointment of Joseph V. Tripodi as the brand’s global chief marketing officer.

Twitter Boosts Consumer Engagement Beyond Social Media

2015-12-03 In recent years restaurant operators have adapted their social media strategy as the benefits of platforms like Twitter and Facebook become more appar...

Subway Announces U.S. Antibiotic Policy

2015-10-21 Subway announced that it has elevated its current antibiotic-free policy.

Report: Most Major Brands Fall Short on Antibiotic Policies

2015-09-23 Last week, a group of consumer, health, and environmental groups released an antibiotic policy scorecard grading 25 of the largest limited-service bra...

Subway Founder Fred DeLuca Dies at Age 67

2015-09-15 Fred DeLuca, cofounder of one of the world’s most well known brands, died Monday evening at the age of 67, just weeks after celebrating the business’s...

Subway Names Manitowoc Its Vendor of the Year

2015-08-24 Manitowoc Foodservice was named Vendor of the Year by the Subway restaurant chain during the brand’s 50th Anniversary Convention recently in Las Vegas...

Groupon Launches Order and Delivery Program

2015-07-29 Delivery is about to become more convenient for restaurant patrons and operators.

Subway Launches Remote Ordering and Payment App

2015-07-29 The Subway restaurant chain, committed to always improving the customer experience for every person that visits, has launched the Subway App and order...