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HyperActive Technologies Changes Name to Acrelec America

2016-09-23 HyperActive Technologies, a leading provider of outdoor restaurant technology acquired by the Acrelec Group, is changing its name to Acrelec America.

PDQ Launches New Website in Line with Rebranding

2016-09-21 The PDQ restaurant brand, short for People Dedicated to Quality, launched a new responsive website designed and developed by Roger West, a digital age...

Hot Dog on a Stick Announces Order-Ahead Offerings

2016-09-20 Hot Dog on a Stick is offering customer rewards and service this fall.

Shake Shack Bolsters Supply Chain Performance

2016-09-20 ArrowStream, Inc., a supply chain innovator that combines expertise in data science and analytics to improve the way supply chains perform, announced ...

SendaGuy Now Debuts Mobile App for NYC Restaurants

2016-09-17 SendaGuy Now, a Manhattan-based startup seeking to revolutionize the way independently owned restaurants in New York City request and receive repair a...

Frontline International’s Direct-Plumbed Systems Solve Oil Concerns

2016-09-15 If you’ve searched for a safer, cleaner way to get both fresh and waste cooking oil to and from your fryers, you’ll find a hands-free solution in Fron...

Another Way to Order Domino's: Facebook Messenger

2016-09-15 Domino's Pizza is now giving customers yet another way to order: via Facebook Messenger, using bot technology.

Drones to Drop Chipotle Burritos over Virginia Tech

2016-09-13 Chipotle is participating in testing food delivery via drones on the campus of Virginia Tech, which the company says could eventually allow it to reac...

Revention's Mobile Ordering Applications Surpass $1 Billion in Sales

2016-09-12 Revention, a leading provider of custom point of sale solutions in the hospitality industry, has reached a significant milestone in the online orderin...

Chowly Takes Restaurant Aggregator Solution Global

2016-09-12 Chowly, a Chicago-based software company, is now taking its services global through a partnership with Bepoz.