Over the past year, some of the biggest brands in the hospitality and retail industries launched or doubled down on loyalty programs.  Recently Wendy’s, White Castle and Taco Bell have all launched or relaunched their loyalty programs and now McDonald’s is testing a loyalty program planned for a nationwide launch later this year.

    It's no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic was particularly tough on breakfast.

    Traditional market research is too slow. Learn how to adopt an agile marketing and product process to keep up with your consumers.

    Safety concerns have made staff become frontline employees practically overnight. Learn the key ingredients to an effective, scalable training program.

    The Snapchat Generation is putting love into their communities by giving back.

    The Snapchat Generation is using augmented reality to discover and experience new products.

    The Snapchat Generation is sharing real stories with their greatest influence — their close friends.

    The Haliburton Culinary Team demonstrates how to make Pesto Shrimp and Mediterranean Cauliflower Rice using Certified Ready-To-Eat products.

    Experts from Intel and Coates Group discuss the current and future state of the drive-thru, and how brands can bring their experience to the next level and ultimately drive ROI.

    In 2020, everything is going to be predictive around food and labor. Having the right processes and tools in place are key to ensuring proper forecasting. Along with the right business intelligence, you can effectively forecast sales and optimize your inventory ordering, food preparation and staff scheduling so you can reduce your prime costs and drive dollars to your bottom line.

    The IRS has been actively enforcing the Affordable Care Act. quick-serves with multiple locations, a significant mix of full-time and part-time workers, and high turnover rates are particularly at risk of failing to comply with the healthcare law because of the complexity of the ACA. In this program, an ACA expert provides the recipe for quick-serves to ensure they successfully comply with the ACA each year to avoid being assessed ACA penalties by the IRS.

    If you're not participating in the Work Opportunity Tax Credit program, you could be losing out on thousands of dollars in savings. Whether you're already familiar with WOTC or you've never heard of it until now, we'll walk you through everything you need to know to start qualifying for tax credits.

    There is a constant stream of new digital technologies designed to help consumers connect with restaurants and retailers, such as mobile apps, online ordering, and a growing number of third-party delivery partners. There is also an increasing amount of new technology to help restaurants and retailers automate in store processes such as digital kitchen display systems and kiosks. Business owners need to understand how to connect these two fast-paced and even faster-changing trends to improve operations, grow their customer base and thrive in a digital environment. In this webinar, attendees will learn why a digital strategy is now more critical than ever to their business success and the impact on their brand, operations, and customer relationships.

    More than half of America’s workforce is made up of Millennials, and how they decide where they eat—even for work—is greatly impacting the quick-service restaurant landscape. This webinar addresses such issues as Why working Millennials are choosing quick-service restaurants; What is most important to them when they choose a quick-service restaurant for business dining; How quick-service restaurants can attract the millennial workforce.

    Gen Z is now the largest age demographic in the United States. While they may be young, relationships and brand affinity formed during this time can build loyal relationships down the road. Unlike the generations before them, members of Gen Z are digital natives, leading them to have different expectations when it comes to the restaurant experience. What do you need to know to appeal to this younger group, and how do they differ from the generations that came before them?