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    The Fast Food Wars: Who Will Dethrone McDonald’s and What Can You Learn From the Winner?

    The fast food wars have waged for decades, and now competition between the major chains has escalated. From overhauling value menus to investing in innovative services like third-party delivery, online ordering, and mobile application development, major chains are making changes this year to provide better guest experiences than their competitors. This webinar will examine the state of the industry, evaluate the impact of the changing landscape, and determine which brands have what it takes to topple McDonald’s as the leader in the fast food market. 

    You’ll receive a thorough analysis of what brands are succeeding and why, and what others need to do to keep pace with industry leaders. You’ll learn what you can do to enhance your guest engagement strategy and keep up with your competition. These insights will apply to any concept ranging from fellow fast food providers to fine dining establishments. 

    The top fast food chains have been winning over their guests, even in a down year for the restaurant industry So join us for 60 minutes and learn how to apply these winning formulas to your own operations.

    Presenter: Stephen Stone, Paytronix

    Stephen Stone not only works on the back-end of the loyalty equation; he also belongs to several programs in the restaurant space. His experience as a consumer, combined with the expertise he gained from managing more than 300 loyalty programs in the restaurant industry, allows him to share smart, actionable insights that help restaurants better leverage their programs to increase guest engagement.  

    Stephen’s past webinars have contained in-depth analysis of some of the top brands in the industry, including Starbucks, McDonald’s, Chipotle, Chick-fil-A, Domino’s Pizza, and Dunkin Donuts, with topics ranging from loyalty programs, to gift card management, to direct email and mobile marketing. Stephen has a bachelor’s degree in professional communications from Fitchburg State University and a master’s degree in communication management from Emerson College.


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    The "Moneyball Metric" - It's Time to Load the Bases and Make More Intelligent Decisions

    What sets a successful restaurant apart from a low-performing one? It's often chalked up to "location, location, location." While location can be important, there are other actors within a restaurant that can make or break how a single location or entire brand performs. 

    Manager retention is one of those factors. Why managers? Why now? 

    Because there is a shortage of talent in the industry right now. Unemployment is low which means great general managers are great managers have choices. They are turning over at higher and higher rates. Those restaurants on the unfortunate end of one or two great managers are realizing how that impacts there ability to succeed. 

    Over the past decade, several large brands have conducted their own studies in search of a single or set of factors that lead to profitable, productive restaurants that customers want to keep coming back to. 

    What they've found - and what today's industry analysts have confirmed - is that manager retention is the "Moneyball Metric." In other words, great general managers almost always lead to great restaurants - and there's data to prove it. 

    In this webinar, we'll discuss:

    • How the "Moneyball Metric" applies to the restaurant industry today and why retention is so vital to your game plan
    • Technology challenges restaurants are facing that are contributing to manager turnover
    • How more data and information doesn't maximize effectiveness without actionable insights
    • And the steps you can take to keep managers engaged and performing at their best 


    Presenter: Andreas Mettler, Business Sales Executive at HotSchedules, has over 20 years' experience in restaurant technology and operations.  Andreas serves international restaurant brands modern and scalable back-office technology to their workforce. He has a masters degree in business administration from the University of Phoenix and calls Atlanta, Georgia home.



    TGI Friday’s and Amazon: The Next Frontier in Guest Engagement

    TGI Friday’s has taken the concept of digitizing traditional customer experiences to a new level. Not only are guests of the casual family dining concept able to get the full experience without leaving their homes, they don’t even have to pull out their wallets.

    This webinar will examine the partnership between TGI Friday’s and Amazon and showcase how traditional brands can not only survive in the Amazon era, but flourish if they properly leverage the tech giant’s capabilities. In one hour you’ll understand how the partnership works, how it benefits both brands, and how you can apply this concept to your own guest engagement strategy.

    Competition will be stronger than ever in 2018, which is why it’s important to leverage the tools that will provide the best guest experiences in an increasingly digital marketplace.

    Presenter: Stephen Stone, Paytronix



    The QSR® Drive-Thru Study: Exploring the Results and Lessons

    Today's consumer prizes convenience, which is great news for quick-service restaurants. This need for speed and convenience affords operators the opportunity to capitalize on the drive-thru business more than ever before. And how are they doing it? To gain insight, QSR magazine and SeeLevel HX have once again partnered to research drive-thru essentials in the annual Drive-Thru Performance Study.

    We'd like to invite you to join us for a complimentary webinar reviewing the most recent results of the study. In this program, we'll cover the most important findings from the study, including speed of service, order accuracy, customer service, and other key categories; best practices in the drive-thru business, as told to QSR magazine by real, successful operators, and how your brand can become involved in future editions of the study.


    • Sam Oches, editor, QSR magazine

    • Steven Maskell, partner, SeeLevel HX

    • Paul Falkenbach, VP sales & marketing, National Sign Systems

    • Doug Watson, president, The Howard Company