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January 30, 2014
The New Wave of Female Chefs
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The New Wave of Female Chefs // More than ever, women like Chef Lauren DeSteno of New York's Marea Restaurant are rising through the culinary ranks, filling the jobs that will produce the next generation of restaurant leaders.
PeopleMatter Overview
playPeopleMatter Overview // Make your people matter. See why PeopleMatter's online restaurant software platform is everything you need to hire, train, schedule, and communicate with great employees in one easy-to-use system. Play now.
News Today
Who's Right to Work for The Cheesecake Factory?
playWho's Right to Work for The Cheesecake Factory? // The Cheesecake Factory is on Fortune's list of 100 Best Companies to Work For. This video goes inside their culture, where employees who "ooze hospitality" are in high demand.
Polar Vortex Ice Cream in 8 Minutes
playPolar Vortex Ice Cream in 8 Minutes // Temperatures plunged this month, and Chef Jansen Chan of the International Culinary Center made chocolate ice cream with just the frigid New York air to freeze it.
How IHOP's New Menu Drives Cravings
playHow IHOP's New Menu Drives Cravings // IHOP has seen a 3.6 percent increase in same-store sales since the redesign of its menu. This video explains why the new layout encourages customers to explore more options.
FES HOUSTON Attendee Preview 2014
playFES HOUSTON Attendee Preview 2014 // Join thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners February 6–8 in Houston at the FRANCHISE EXPO SOUTH, the premier franchise expo serving the Southwestern U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean. Meet hundreds of proven franchised businesses. Every investment level.
Brand Marketing
Next for Chipotle:
playNext for Chipotle: "Farmed and Dangerous" // In the wake of Chipotle's viral Scarecrow video, this trailer announces its newest project: an exclusive comedy miniseries that also takes aim at industrial agriculture.
Steak Toppings at Outback
playSteak Toppings at Outback // This ad introduces Outback's Steak Plates, featuring the Signature Sirloin with a choice of five toppings: Bloomin' Petals, Wild Mushroom Sauce, Parmesan Crust, Diablo, or Blue Cheese.
Burger King Norway's
playBurger King Norway's "Whopper Sellout" // Burger King Norway's recent Facebook marketing stunt was responsible for losing 30,000 fans. But the company considered it a resounding success. Watch the video to find out why.
Nosh List
playNosh List // Nosh List is a free waitlist management application for restaurants. It features free SMS/phone call notifications to alert parties when their table is ready, venue analytics calculated in realtime, and integration to the Nosh consumer application.
Culinary Class
Chef Amanda Freitag Revives Empire Diner
playChef Amanda Freitag Revives Empire Diner // This video takes a look inside New York's iconic Empire Diner space, recently revamped and reimagined by Chef Amanda Freitag.
The Brewer's Point of View
playThe Brewer's Point of View // Tim Adams of Oxbow Brewing in Maine straps a GoPro camera on his head while he makes a batch of American Farmhouse Pale Ale.
One Minute in Mexico
playOne Minute in Mexico // Take a virtual tour through authentic Mexican cuisine. Get ready for bold, rich colors and textures—and lots of tortillas and beans.
AKFCF Testimonial for MonkeyMedia Software Catering Program
playAKFCF Testimonial for MonkeyMedia Software Catering Program // AKFCF Operators take on the challenge of catering within their franchises utilizing the MonkeyCatering platform and Catering Institute strategy services.
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