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February 10, 2014
Power Tools in the Kitchen
control bar
Power Tools in the Kitchen // When it comes to serving inventive food, these Chicago-area chefs are on point. It takes a lot of creative problem solving, and sometimes that means using equine equipment to scale fish or a paper shredder to slice tortillas.
Texas Pete TV: Dickey's Barbecue Pit
playTexas Pete TV: Dickey's Barbecue Pit // See how Texas Pete Hot Sauce partners with Dickey's Barbecue Pit to add some heat to the chain's menu. In 2014, the barbecue concept will team up with the hot sauce brand for new menu items its customers will love.
News Today
McDonald's Cheers to Sochi Campaign & More in Fresh Bytes
playMcDonald's Cheers to Sochi Campaign & More in Fresh Bytes // Learn more about McDonald's #CheersToSochi social media campaign, the industry's projected growth for 2014, and full-service menus incorporating more super foods in the latest episode of Fresh Bytes.
Tom+Chee Aims to Reinvent Comfort Food
playTom+Chee Aims to Reinvent Comfort Food // Corey Ward and Trew Quackenbush, cofounders of Tom+Chee, discuss their success after landing a deal with Barbara Corcoran on the TV show "Shark Tank."
Restaurants React to Sysco and US Foods Merger
playRestaurants React to Sysco and US Foods Merger // To avoid getting monopolized, one Minnesota restaurant operator says he plans to find a new, second vendor when the two big suppliers officially merge.
Attune II Drive-Thru Communications System
playAttune II Drive-Thru Communications System // The Attune II drive-thru communications system was designed to boost customer satisfaction through improved speed of service and order accuracy in the drive thru, and provide managers with ongoing operational support via video monitoring and audio recording capabilities.
Brand Marketing
The Bacon Insider from Jack in the Box
playThe Bacon Insider from Jack in the Box // Using several spot buys during the Super Bowl, Jack in the Box introduced its newest burger, the Bacon Insider. The patty is made of both ground beef and bacon.
play"Lobster Crackin' 101" at Red Lobster // Red Lobster created this tutorial for opening and eating a whole lobster, targeting potential customers who might have been intimidated by the experience.
McAlister's Deli: Your Travel Agent
playMcAlister's Deli: Your Travel Agent // McAlister's promotes its line of sandwiches, the American Regional Favorites, with a scene in which an employee asks a customer, "Where do you want to go today?"
EyePlay: Virtual Indoor Playground
playEyePlay: Virtual Indoor Playground // Transform Your Space Into A Kid's Experience. EyePlay is a virtual indoor playground that engages children, gets them active, has no wear and tear, and is germ free!
Culinary Class
Chef Kostow's Advice to a Young Chef
playChef Kostow's Advice to a Young Chef // Chef Christopher Kostow of the Michelin three-starred Restaurant at Meadowood offers career advice to young chefs. His secret recipe: equal parts patience and aggressiveness.
The Hidden Kitchen
playThe Hidden Kitchen // Local chefs use this semi-secret restaurant in Miami as a way to test dishes they'd like to add to their own menus. Chef/owner Michael Jacobs explains the concept.
play"All Our Fish Speak Italian" // Chef Paul Bartolotta specializes in traditional coastal Italian cuisine at Bartolotta Ristorante di Mare in Las Vegas, like the salt-baked whole fish he prepares here.
The Ovention Matchbox Oven
playThe Ovention Matchbox Oven // Are you looking for an oven that will allow you to cook a broad menu of high-quality items quickly and doesn’t require a hood? If so, the Ovention Matchbox Oven Series is right for you.
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