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May 30, 2014
Per Se Designer on Creating High-End Dining Experiences
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Per Se Designer on Creating High-End Dining Experiences // 5/26/14: Chef Thomas Keller and hospitality designer Adam Tihany share with CBS "This Morning" co-host Charlie Rose about the process of designing a restaurant and making people hungry for the experience.
Delivering on the Made-to-Order Promise
playDelivering on the Made-to-Order Promise // See how the Digital Red Book helps keep every Fatburger location running smoothly and consistently.
News Today
Smells Like... Big Business
playSmells Like... Big Business // As more stores use scent marketing to lure in customers with aromas, the battle for noses heats up. Cinnabon is one chain that has actively monetized its signature scent.
How Mexicue Went From Food Truck to National Chain
playHow Mexicue Went From Food Truck to National Chain // Mexicue was the second food truck in Manhattan. Now it's becoming a national restaurant chain. Cofounder David Schillace discusses with Bloomberg how he's expanding the business.
Inside Noma's Kitchen
playInside Noma's Kitchen // Noma in Copenhagen was recently voted the best restaurant in the world. Chef Rene Redzepi opens up about his cooking philosophy, his ingredients, and transforming the world of high-end cuisine.
Texas Pete TV: Dickey's Barbecue Pit
playTexas Pete TV: Dickey's Barbecue Pit // See how Texas Pete Hot Sauce partners with Dickey's Barbecue Pit to add some heat to its menu. In 2014, the barbecue chain will team up with the hot sauce brand for new menu items its customers will love.
Brand Marketing
Bonefish Grill's
playBonefish Grill's "Sea*lebrity Cinema" // 5/29/14: Bonefish Grill's new ad playfully shows a romance between two of its steamed dishes, the Lobster Tail Dinner and the Lobster-Stuffed Shrimp.
Quiznos' #ToastyTV's
playQuiznos' #ToastyTV's "Mad X-Men" // 5/28/14: Quiznos started a web series called #ToastyTV. Many videos have little to do with the brand, instead playing to trending social media topics. Here, it's created a parody that blends the X-Men franchise with the TV show "Mad Men."
Welcome to Papa Murphy's
playWelcome to Papa Murphy's // 5/23/14: This video introduces the Papa Murphy's brand to those who might be unfamiliar, explaining the corporate culture and the concept of take-and-bake pizza.
Kronos Greek Yogurt
playKronos Greek Yogurt // Kronos Non Fat Greek Yogurt has a rich mouth feel and offers endless menu possibilities. It is the perfect 1:1 substitute for mayo and sour cream. It also delivers health benefits and consistency and will not separate over high heat.
Culinary Class
The Future of Barbecue
playThe Future of Barbecue // Aaron Franklin of the famous Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Texas, shares his views on what the future holds for the craft of barbecue.
Saving the Wild Salmon
playSaving the Wild Salmon // Do salmon farms help or hurt the declining wild salmon population? CBS "60 Minutes" reports on the controversy surrounding the multibillion-dollar industry.
Andy Ricker's Yam Samun Phrai
playAndy Ricker's Yam Samun Phrai // Chef Andy Ricker of Pok Pok in Portland, Oregon, demonstrates making the Northern Thai herbal salad called Yam Samun Phrai.
Attune II Drive-Thru Communications System
playAttune II Drive-Thru Communications System // The Attune II drive-thru communications system was designed to boost customer satisfaction through improved speed of service and order accuracy in the drive thru, and provide managers with ongoing operational support via video monitoring and audio recording capabilities.
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