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November 11, 2013
One Year After Sandy, Restaurateurs Look Back
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One Year After Sandy, Restaurateurs Look Back // Hurricane Sandy devastated a large swath of the East Coast last year. Here, a few restaurant owners talk about the recovery process and the outpouring of aid from their surrounding communities.
NEO Ice Machine
playNEO Ice Machine // NEO, the everywhere-you-need Ice Machine from Manitowoc Ice. Enhanced production capacities make NEO the new standard in undercounter ice machines.
News Today
Starbucks Opens Tea Shop, Max's Wine Dive Expands
playStarbucks Opens Tea Shop, Max's Wine Dive Expands // Starbucks opened its first Teavana shop in New York, while Max's Wine Dive is expanding beyond its Texas roots. That and more in the new episode of Fresh Bytes.
Behind the Scenes at the New Sriracha Plant
playBehind the Scenes at the New Sriracha Plant // David Tran, a Vietnamese immigrant, has gone from mixing the famous hot sauce in barrels on the street to attracting $60 million in annual sales. Now neighbors of his new plant are complaining.
Are Sous Chefs Foraging Away This Man's Herbs?
playAre Sous Chefs Foraging Away This Man's Herbs? // It sounds like a joke, but this news station in Portland, Oregon, claims that a local apartment manager is having trouble keeping restaurant employees from climbing his fence and picking wild herbs.
Panasonic Toughpad Fearless Sweepstakes
playPanasonic Toughpad Fearless Sweepstakes // On October 22, Panasonic launched its Toughpad Fearless Sweepstakes, giving participants the chance to win one of nine Panasonic Toughpads as well as a day of soccer with Olympic gold medalist Abby Wambach.
Brand Marketing
Golden Corral Honors Vets with a Free Meal
playGolden Corral Honors Vets with a Free Meal // Golden Corral pulled in star power to market its "Military Appreciation Monday." Actor Gary Sinise invited vets and active duty military to Golden Corral for a free Veteran's Day meal.
The Cheesecake Factory:
playThe Cheesecake Factory: "Love You, Pumpkin" // Comedian Todd Glass stars in a few short Web spots for The Cheesecake Factory this fall, promoting the brand's seasonal pumpkin pecan cheesecake.
Subway Now Offers Sriracha
playSubway Now Offers Sriracha // Sriracha is everywhere these days. Now Subway is adding the trendy hot sauce to its menu with two LTOs, the Sriracha Chicken Melt and the Sriracha Steak Melt.
Hot Schedules - Meet Ray Honeycutt
playHot Schedules - Meet Ray Honeycutt // Company scheduling coordinator Ray Honeycutt has stiff competition: HotSchedules. HotSchedules delivers easy-to-use, online employee scheduling functions that allow you to keep up with availabilities, time-off requests, and more.
Culinary Class
Alma Does Three Vegetables, Three Ways
playAlma Does Three Vegetables, Three Ways // Ari Taymor, chef/co-owner of Alma in downtown Los Angeles, explains his approach to cooking vegetables. His techniques aim to strip them down to "the essence of themselves."
Science: A Closer Look at Gluten
playScience: A Closer Look at Gluten // This video examines gluten, subject of one of the hottest food debates right now. A chef extracts virtually pure gluten from different types of wheat flour.
playRestaurant "Dressed Up" as Alinea This Halloween // Look what Alinea co-owner Nick Kokonas posted on Twitter recently: Real Kitchen of Chicago sent up the famous Michelin three-starred restaurant, pretending to offer molecular gastronomy dishes "to go."
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