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April 10, 2015
Cauliflower Is Going High-End
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Cauliflower Is Going High-End // Chefs and diners are going crazy for cauliflower. See how Chef Amanda Cohen spices up the versatile vegetable at her newly relocated restaurant in New York called Dirt Candy.
Texas Pete TV: Pantry - Las Vegas, NV
playTexas Pete TV: Pantry - Las Vegas, NV // Chef Schmidt of Las Vegas restaurant Pantry incorporates Texas Pete® Hot Sauce in his signature recipes. The bold, balanced flavor invokes a classic Southern feel that is otherwise hard to find in the heart of the desert. Get the story from Chef Schmidt himself!
News Today
Texas Roadhouse Pulls In Diners With Old Recipe
playTexas Roadhouse Pulls In Diners With Old Recipe // 4/4/15: Texas Roadhouse has the most loyal fans, according to a recent report. CEO Kent Taylor says it is due to the company's strategy of staying the same in an industry known for its volatility.
Domino's Paying More to Hire the Right People
playDomino's Paying More to Hire the Right People // 4/6/15: The labor market is tightening up, and it is getting harder to find workers, Domino's CEO Patrick Doyle says. He also discusses the company's digital strategy in this clip from CNBC's "Squawk Box."
playTrendy "Food Halls" Combine Dining and Shopping // 4/8/15: "Food halls," a growing trend seen especially in the Los Angeles area, offer customers the opportunity to dine, order takeout, buy groceries, and shop for gifts all under one roof.
Harvest Creations: Fresh Flavor, Countless Creations
playHarvest Creations: Fresh Flavor, Countless Creations // Experience the versatility of Harvest Creations’ delicious Dipt’n Dusted® Crispy Breaded Cauliflower, each coated in our special seasoning. Use them as an appetizer, entree enhancer, or sandwich topper to give your menu a flavorful boost.
Brand Marketing
Red Lobster:
playRed Lobster: "Lobsterworthy" // 4/2/15: Red Lobster created a series of short ads featuring video blogger Katie Quinn speaking to Red Lobster diners, deeming them "#Lobsterworthy" and awarding them with free meals.
TGI Fridays' Miffed Mozzarella Stick
playTGI Fridays' Miffed Mozzarella Stick // 4/9/15: TGI Fridays' ad campaign for the Endless Apps with Endless Choice LTO involves actors costumed as appetizer menu items reading guests' reactions to limited choices and taking offense.
Zaxby's Ranchero Zalad
playZaxby's Ranchero Zalad // 4/6/15: This ad for Zaxby's Ranchero Zalad features a salad that grants the person eating it the ability to speak fluent Spanish.
Splat Happens
playSplat Happens // Drive-thru cup dumps and food spills are no match for SMT cleaning equipment.
Culinary Class
Chef Jose Andres Introduces Beefsteak
playChef Jose Andres Introduces Beefsteak // In late March, Chef José Andrés opened the first location of a vegetable-based, fast-casual restaurant chain called Beefsteak. This video explains the thought process behind the concept.
How to Photograph Smoking Food
playHow to Photograph Smoking Food // This spring, the Kansas City Star's annual Food Issue included a photo of Chef Martin Heuser's twist on a Waldorf salad, which arrives at the table inside a jar with smoke. The newspaper's photographers explain how they set up the shot.
Delhi's Dal Bukhara
playDelhi's Dal Bukhara // Dal is a staple of Indian cuisine. This video brings you to Delhi to find the most famous dal at the internationally renowned Bukhara.
Tim McCormack Introduces Finance Store
playTim McCormack Introduces Finance Store // Tim McCormack, president of Finance Store, would like to introduce himself and his company in this video. You might be surprised at what he has to say! Some feel it's a bit controversial, but most appreciate his transparency and honesty. Finance Store is committed to the success of U.S. business owners. Do you need funding and credit to launch or purchase a new venture? Or do you need growth or survival capital for your existing business? Let us help.
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