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November 13, 2015
The World's Most Isolated Restaurant
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The World's Most Isolated Restaurant // Magnus Nilsson, head chef at Faviken Magasinet and host of "Chef's Table" on Netflix, explains his business approach to feeding innovation at his restaurant and the power of Netflix in building a customer base.
Panasonic Stingray III Modular Point-of-Sale Workstation
playPanasonic Stingray III Modular Point-of-Sale Workstation // With interchangeable touchscreens to allow for easy customization and unlimited mounting options, the Stingray III is perfect for quick-service restaurants, table-service restaurants, corporate cafés, and the retail and hospitality industries.
News Today
Sonic's Plans for Growing
playSonic's Plans for Growing "Quite Substantially" in Next 10 Years // 10/20/15: Clifford Hudson, CEO at Sonic Corp., talks about fourth-quarter results for the quick-service chain, what separates them from the competition, and their expansion plans in the United States.
NYC Restaurateur Danny Meyer's Decision to Eliminate Tipping
playNYC Restaurateur Danny Meyer's Decision to Eliminate Tipping // 10/14/15: Noted New York City restaurateur Danny Meyer, CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group, announced he is looking to turn a new leaf in the dining industry by eliminating tipping and raising menu prices.
Starbucks to Sell Wine and Beer in Upscale Concept Store
playStarbucks to Sell Wine and Beer in Upscale Concept Store // 10/20/15: Starbucks is trying to win over new customers by launching a new store concept in London called Star Reserve. It will use coffee brewing techniques borrowed from independent coffee shops.
Online Catering Management Software
playOnline Catering Management Software // Too much on your plate? Then it's time to get Spoonfed! Ordering, production planning, route planning, and invoicing online—and that's just for starters...
Brand Marketing
Denny's All-Day Breakfast:
playDenny's All-Day Breakfast: "Since, Like, Forever" // 11/10/15: Denny's pokes gentle, indirect fun at McDonald's recent rollout of its all-day breakfast offerings, saying Denny's breakfast menu has been served all day "since, like, forever."
Bagger Dave's Burger Alert
playBagger Dave's Burger Alert // 10/21/15: Bagger Dave's created this promotion to advertise its burgers, fries, and craft beer.
P.F. Chang's and Beverage Innovation
playP.F. Chang's and Beverage Innovation // 11/11/15: P.F. Chang's has produced a video series highlighting its backstory and different aspects of the restaurant experience. This one focuses on beverages, including its craft beer, fresh cocktails, and wine offerings.
Social Media Explosion
playSocial Media Explosion // Social Media is the face of your brand. Social media by Moving Targets broadcasts your brand, captivates your audience, engages your community, and defines your competitive advantage. Your online reputation is your biggest asset, and we cover your biggest asset 24/7. All about that bass!
Culinary Class
The World's Cuisine from Cambodian Food Carts
playThe World's Cuisine from Cambodian Food Carts // Cambodia is famous for its cheap, abundant, and delicious street food on offer. However, the traditional dishes on the menu are now sharing space with more expensive international dishes.
Southern Foodways by Andrea Reusing
playSouthern Foodways by Andrea Reusing // At Chef Andrea Reusing's Lantern in North Carolina, the inspiration is far-flung (Chinese, Thai, Korean), while the raw materials are sourced closer to home. Here, she makes a sweet, earthy duck recipe.
David Kinch's Iconic California Dish, Tidal Pool
playDavid Kinch's Iconic California Dish, Tidal Pool // In this clip from the PBS series "Mind of a Chef," Chef David Kinch demonstrates how to make one of his signature dishes, named Tidal Pool, inspired by his time spent surfing.
Menisto - Smart Menu
playMenisto - Smart Menu // Smart clients need a Smart menu! Try Menisto on your restaurant, bar, or coffee shop and give your clients a modern and elegant digital menu.
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