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October 21, 2013
Inside McDonald's Test Kitchen
control bar
Inside McDonald's Test Kitchen // The McGriddle seems simple, right? Not so; in fact, it took four years to develop. Get a glimpse of the menu innovation process at McDonald's and tour its test kitchen with food scientist and McGriddle inventor Deb McNaniel.
Table Tracker by LRS: The Restaurant GPS Tracker
playTable Tracker by LRS: The Restaurant GPS Tracker // Long Range Systems developed the Table Tracker for restaurants to track guests' table locations. This GPS tracker type system is designed for casual-dining restaurants to accurately deliver orders to the correct customers.
News Today
play"From Hooters to Cinnabon": Kat Cole's Vision // Cinnabon is set to take in $1 billion in global sales this year. President Kat Cole, who started her foodservice career as a waitress at Hooters, explains Cinnabon’s expansion plans.
Foraging with Daniel Patterson
playForaging with Daniel Patterson // Chef and Boston transplant Daniel Patterson of Coi in San Francisco forages for ultra-local, wild ingredients to connect with the native Californians who dine at his restaurant.
No Talking at This Brooklyn Restaurant
playNo Talking at This Brooklyn Restaurant // Diners take their meal in silence at Eat, a new restaurant in Brooklyn. In this video, Chef Nicholas Nauman says the concept was inspired by a stay in a Buddhist monastery in India.
PeopleMatter Overview
playPeopleMatter Overview // Make your people matter. See why PeopleMatter's online restaurant software platform is everything you need to hire, train, schedule, and communicate with great employees in one easy-to-use system. Play now.
Brand Marketing
Dracula Wants a Krispy Kreme Donut
playDracula Wants a Krispy Kreme Donut // Krispy Kreme gears up for Halloween with this ad featuring the brand's "Hot Light" smartphone app, which tells users when Krispy Kreme doughnuts are coming out of the oven nearby.
Chicken Vs. Avocado at El Pollo Loco
playChicken Vs. Avocado at El Pollo Loco // El Pollo Loco markets its new Pollo Bowls by splitting viewers' attention between the main ingredients: the chicken and the avocado. Here, El Pollo Loco employees compete for camera time.
Steak 'n Shake's
playSteak 'n Shake's "Real Milkshake Path" // This spot for Steak 'n Shake's fall milkshake flavors opens with "master and apprentice" types discussing the "dangers" of milkshakes made with powders.
Manitowoc Ice Indigo Ice Machine
playManitowoc Ice Indigo Ice Machine // Designed for operators who know that ice is critical to their business, the Indigo Series ice machine's preventative diagnostics continually monitor itself for reliable ice production.
Culinary Class
Carrot Jerky from Atelier Crenn
playCarrot Jerky from Atelier Crenn // Chef Dominique Crenn's team at Atelier Crenn in San Francisco developed a carrot curing method that creates jerky. Crenn says she wanted to find a unique texture that was familiar and healthy, and that honored the vegetable.
Spinning Plates Out October 25
playSpinning Plates Out October 25 // This new documentary profiles three restaurants with very different approaches: Chicago's Michelin three-starred Alinea; Breitbach's, a 150-year-old Midwestern institution; and La Cocina de Gabby, a new family-run Mexican restaurant in Arizona.
Arby's Intro to Texas Barbecue
playArby's Intro to Texas Barbecue // To promote its new Smokehouse Brisket, Arby's sponsored a video series introducing regional barbecue styles. Here, Hugh Mangum of Mighty Quinn's and Dan Delaney of Delaney Barbecue discuss slow-smoked Texas barbecue.
BEOND: Powered by Buzztime
playBEOND: Powered by Buzztime // BEOND is the first social, mobile, entertainment, and marketing platform for the bar and restaurant industry. Buzztime BEOND offers in-venue digital programming, branded competitive digital games, and check-in rewards.
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