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August 4, 2016
One-on-One with Landon Donovan
control bar
One-on-One with Landon Donovan // In this spot from Buffalo Wild Wings, soccer fans got to test their keeper skills by going head-to-head against Landon Donovan.
UNCUT with Chris Cosentino
playUNCUT with Chris Cosentino // Chef Cosentino of Cockscomb in San Francisco improves the meatball sub – his Italian Pork Dip layers a pork “meatball” patty with rich marinara, fresh herbs, and provolone, in a bowl of marinara for dipping. Click to watch the video.
Brand Marketing
Road To Romas Volume 1
playRoad To Romas Volume 1 // Tony Roma's announces the launch of a new global prototype at its flagship location in Orlando, Florida.
Pic Your Night
playPic Your Night // TGI Friday's promotes its $12 deal for an entree and a cocktail during Fridays Dine & Drink.
White Castle’s Nibblers Road Trip—Choose Your Adventure
playWhite Castle’s Nibblers Road Trip—Choose Your Adventure // White Castle takes fans on a choose-your-own-adventure road trip to discover their own "golden-fried greatness."
Specialized Solutions for QSR and Fast-Casual
playSpecialized Solutions for QSR and Fast-Casual // S&D knows what it takes to keep lineups fresh and exciting and how to tailor specialized solutions that help customers grow profitably.
Culinary Class
Korean Barbecue at Seoul’s Majang Meat Market
playKorean Barbecue at Seoul’s Majang Meat Market // Jia Choi, professor of Korean food studies and C.E.O. of Ongo Food Communications and O’ngo Food Tours, takes us to sample Korea’s finest beef at Majang Meat Market.
How to Make Historic Cocktails New
playHow to Make Historic Cocktails New // Sometimes classic cocktails need an update! Frank Caiafa, who reimagined The Waldorf Astoria Bar Book, talks about taking one of the most renowned hotel's recipes into the modern age.
Ethical Meat: Raising Lamb
playEthical Meat: Raising Lamb // Jon Darling of South Carolina's Darling Farm has only been a sheep farmer for four years, but the ethical way he raises lamb is already attracting attention from chefs like Wes Morton of Charleston's The Dewberry Hotel.
WAND Digital Menu Boards - Award Winning Creative
playWAND Digital Menu Boards - Award Winning Creative // Check out some of the best work from WAND's Digital Menu Boards award-winning creative services team. From succulent chicken to mouth-watering burgers, WAND's creative team works hard to create amazing Digital Menu Boards that increase average ticket size and incite last-minute purchases.
Manage & Motivate
Restaurant Industry Update - May 2016
playRestaurant Industry Update - May 2016 // The National Restaurant Association's Hudson Riehle looks back at the most recent month's key economic indicators.
Alton Brown: The Future of Recipe Writing
playAlton Brown: The Future of Recipe Writing // TV personality and food science whiz Alton Brown (Good Eats, Iron Chef America) talks about the future of recipe writing.
On Mental Health in the Kitchen
playOn Mental Health in the Kitchen // Acclaimed chef Chris Cosentino speaks out about the greatest taboo in the culinary world: mental health and its pervasive reach in the industry.
Blue2™ - Bluetooth Temperature Transmission
playBlue2™ - Bluetooth Temperature Transmission // The Blue2 instrument was designed to support and improve current business practices such as HACCP compliance as well as automating your checklists and other travel path processes.
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