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May 10, 2017
The Ovens of Cappoquin
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The Ovens of Cappoquin // There was a time when every town in Ireland had its own bakery, but few of these relics of freshly baked bread remain. At Barron's in Cappoquin, however, the tradition remains in the same family after decades.
KronoBROIL™ Gyros Slices Bring Excitement to the Menu
playKronoBROIL™ Gyros Slices Bring Excitement to the Menu // KronoBROIL™ makes it easy to add zesty, authentic gyros flavor to a variety of menu items, including flatbreads and salads.
Culinary Class
Pig Skin Puttanesca
playPig Skin Puttanesca // Don't throw away that pig skin! Chefs April Bloomfield and Chris Cosentino make a Pig Skin Pasta with Puttanesca sauce.
Grilled Grilled Cheese
playGrilled Grilled Cheese // A grilled cheese sandwich, generally speaking, is not what the name suggests. But this example is what it says it is.
The Secrets of Asparagus
playThe Secrets of Asparagus // Asparagus can be bought year round, but the best versions come in the spring. Georgette Farkas of Rotisserie Georgette shares two prep methods.
Texas Pete TV - at UMass
playTexas Pete TV - at UMass // The Princeton Review recently gave the honor of Best Campus Food to the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. One key to receiving that designation is their partnership with Texas Pete®!
Brand Marketing
I Need a Gyro
playI Need a Gyro // Overdubbing is used to great, and amusing, effect in this spot for Arby's gyro sandwiches.
It Happens at the Hut
playIt Happens at the Hut // Pizza Hut encourages potential team members to "Unbox your Future" in this minute-long recruitment video.
Outback's Spring Steak Hunt
playOutback's Spring Steak Hunt // Egg hunts might be fine, but at Outback you hunt for steak. This spot highlights the Great Steak Hunt, with thousands of prizes available.
The Shortening Shuttle® Demo
playThe Shortening Shuttle® Demo // Chicago: NRA SHOW Booth 1835 - Find out why your kitchen NEEDS a Shortening Shuttle® Waste Oil Transport.
Manage & Motivate
More Restaurants Byte Into Technology
playMore Restaurants Byte Into Technology // In a move to increase guest counts, operators are investing in technology that could help them generate more business. Here's what some of them are saying.
The Brooklyn Sandwich Shop Dedicated to Fermented Meats
playThe Brooklyn Sandwich Shop Dedicated to Fermented Meats // A salumeria specializes in selling cured meats, but not everyone is going to the lengths that Ends Meat founder and head butcher John Ratliff is to create great salumi.
Why Restaurant Workers Need Obamacare
playWhy Restaurant Workers Need Obamacare // Healthcare is important — and for certain restaurants, giving workers the care they need can be a struggle. The Robicelli family make their case on why restaurant owners and workers need the Affordable Care Act.
UNCUT Making the Cut with Ashley Christensen
playUNCUT Making the Cut with Ashley Christensen // A big, bad bone-in pork rib roast rubbed with fennel and chili with cutaway crispy ribs. At Poole's in North Carolina, Christensen crafts this flavor explosion and more. Watch the video.
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