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September 30, 2013
Chef Gets a Bionic Hand
control bar
Chef Gets a Bionic Hand // Montana-based chef Eduardo Garcia can once again perform fine-tuned kitchen tasks after receiving a state-of-the-art prosthetic hand from a facility in Portland, Oregon. Garcia lost his hand after being electrocuted on a hiking trip last year.
Your Restaurant Needs Restaurant365 Software!
playYour Restaurant Needs Restaurant365 Software! // Restaurant365 is online, restaurant management software, made easy and affordable. We have tight controls and clear visibility specifically for your multi-unit restaurant business.
News Today
Shake Shack
playShake Shack "Cronut Hole Concrete" Day // On September 17, Shake Shack teamed up with chef Dominique Ansel, creator of the wildly popular Cronut, to offer "Cronut Hole Concretes" in Madison Square Park. Sales benefited the NYPD and the Madison Square Park Conservancy. This video sums up the day.
Roy Choi on the Promise of Street Food
playRoy Choi on the Promise of Street Food // L.A. chef Roy Choi, well known as the man who ignited the food-truck movement with his Kogi BBQ truck, gave chefs a call to arms at the MAD3 symposium recently, asking them to reach out to serve a wider population. (Contains some explicit language.)
Dairy Queen Manager's Act of Kindness
playDairy Queen Manager's Act of Kindness // CBS Minnesota reports that Joey Prusak, a manager of a local Dairy Queen, saw someone steal a $20 bill from a blind man in the store he manages. Prusak refused to serve that person, then gave the blind man $20 from his own pocket.
Ecolab Hi-Temp Tools
playEcolab Hi-Temp Tools // Proper kitchen equipment cleaning and maintenance are key to improving food quality, extending equipment life, and improving restaurant profits. Ecolab has developed an exciting new tool system to make kitchen equipment cleaning easier and safer.
Brand Marketing
Pizza Hut Canada Presents
playPizza Hut Canada Presents "Dip Hop" // In this online spot, Pizza Hut Canada turns 12 of its signature dipping sauces into a one-of-a-kind keyboard. Watch them make music by dipping pizza slices into different sauces.
Buffalo Wild Wings Game Day
playBuffalo Wild Wings Game Day // Football season is well under way, and Buffalo Wild Wings is jockeying with sports bars and other casual-dining joints as the best place to watch the game. Here, "Johnny Wilde" makes its case in the style of a sports news anchor.
Outback Brings Back
playOutback Brings Back "No Rules. Just Right." // Outback Steakhouse is promoting its fall LTO, Steak and Unlimited Shrimp, by reintroducing its original tagline. "No rules, just right" had been in retirement since 2007.
Eco-Products Plantware and Plant Starch Cutlery
playEco-Products Plantware and Plant Starch Cutlery // Learn more about our renewable options for utensils, all made with renewable resources. The Plantware line is also certified compostable.
Culinary Class
Spicy Guacamole with Cheese
playSpicy Guacamole with Cheese // Mario Hernandez of Ofrenda Restaurant in NYC shows how to make authentic Mexican guacamole, often served with queso fresco or chicharron to complement the flavors.
Selamat Pagi
playSelamat Pagi // Zagat explores a new Indonesian restaurant in Brooklyn, Selamat Pagi, created by the purveyors of Van Leeuwen Ice Cream. The dishes there are "user-friendly," locally sourced adaptations of Balinese food, featuring flavors like tamarind, lemongrass, and kaffir lime.
Lobster Rolls in Portland, Maine
playLobster Rolls in Portland, Maine // This video delves into the rich history and varieties of a classic Maine dish, the lobster roll. It features two spots known for their lobster rolls in Portland, Maine: Eventide Oyster Company and Bite Into Maine. You'll also see a third, unique preparation of this seafood dish.
PlotWatt - QSR Testimonial
playPlotWatt - QSR Testimonial // PlotWatt monitors and tracks the energy consumption of your restaurant—appliance by appliance—every minute of the day. Listen as Dunkin' Donuts franchisee Pete Turner talks about Plotwatt's core offerings.
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