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July 11, 2017
Avocado Restaurant
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Avocado Restaurant // The internet is freaking out over Avocaderia in Brooklyn, New York. Why? Because everything on the menu is avocado-based.
KronoBROIL® and The Greek Freak - Part 1
playKronoBROIL® and The Greek Freak - Part 1 // Any way The Greek Freak spins it, KRONOBroil® makes authentic gyros freakishly easy!
Manage & Motivate
The Pitmaster Shaking Up Georgia's BBQ Scene
playThe Pitmaster Shaking Up Georgia's BBQ Scene // Although Bryan Furman might be the new pitmaster on the block, his dedication to turning the traditional world of Georgia BBQ on its head have helped make B's Cracklin BBQ a national success.
Jacques Pépin Honored
playJacques Pépin Honored // Meet Jacques Pépin, chef, educator, cookbook author, television host and artist who was honored at the CIA’s 2017 Leadership Awards.
Ventura - The Good Truck
playVentura - The Good Truck // Our host meets with Caregivers, a non-profit organization that assists the elderly. To show his appreciation for the volunteers, he teams up with local family-run restaurant, La Dolce Vita, for an Italian dinner party.
Texas Pete TV - at UMass
playTexas Pete TV - at UMass // The Princeton Review recently gave the honor of Best Campus Food to the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. One key to receiving that designation is their partnership with Texas Pete®!
Brand Marketing
A Shrimp's Life - An Animated Tale
playA Shrimp's Life - An Animated Tale // Chopt believes the best tasting ingredients are the highest quality ones. So they partnered with Sea to Table to offer the most delicious shrimp they could find, wild-caught, fully traceable, and from domestic waters.
Shack at Home: Bacon, Egg N' Cheese
playShack at Home: Bacon, Egg N' Cheese // Shake Shack is dishing up Shack faves at home in its video series, "Shack at Home." Here the lesson is a Bacon, Egg N' Cheese to "start your day with Shack." Fantastic brand marketing.
Are You Dad Enough?
playAre You Dad Enough? // How did Outback Steakhouse celebrate Father's Day? How about a 35-ounce Tomahawk Bone-In Ribeye? Dad enough, indeed.
The Shortening Shuttle® Demo
playThe Shortening Shuttle® Demo // The Shortening Shuttle® is the fastest, easiest, safest way to transport waste oil from the fryer to the waste area.
Culinary Class
Barbara Lynch's Strozzapreti
playBarbara Lynch's Strozzapreti // Strozzapreti is a rustic pasta that is easier to make than you might think. Get the method from renowned chef Barbara Lynch (while also hearing about her new book Out of Line).
Behind the Bar with Matt Seigel
playBehind the Bar with Matt Seigel // Former NoMad Hotel bartender Matt Seigel shows how he makes some of his favorite classic cocktails -- including a great tip for aerating a Moscow Mule.
Making a Buttermilk Pie
playMaking a Buttermilk Pie // Chef Sean Brock and Lisa Donovan, pastry chef at Brock's restaurant Husk, make a cozy buttermilk pie with the perfect jiggle.
Simplot Vegetables. A Good Choice.
playSimplot Vegetables. A Good Choice. // Good Choices from Simplot features recipes for new Simple Goodness™ Normandy Blend, all to inspire and excite as you create something good for everyone.
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