Sandwich Chain on Pace for Monumental Growth: Which Wich? Plans to open 250 new units in the next five years.

The Which Wich? story, starts simply enough—with a brown sack lunch. When asked how he came up with the idea for Which Wich?, Jeff Sinelli founder and chief vibe officer suggests it might have been from the Peanuts Lunchtime Cookbook he had in elementary school where he read about sandwiches and brown bagging it. But ultimately, he credits his mom. “My mom used to pack my lunch, writing my name and its contents on a brown bag before sticking it in the refrigerator,” he says. So one could say it’s always been buried in his subconscious but took 25 years to come out.

Which Wich? was a huge hit from the moment it opened its doors, thanks to its superior sandwiches and customer service and unique ordering system. The innovative and socially conscious sandwich shop has enjoyed a remarkably fast-paced growth of success and popularity. It is now spread across the globe in 430 locations in 40 states and 11 countries. It has earned a number of highly-sought industry accolades, such as Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500. The awards and growth wouldn’t be possible without a partnership with great franchisees who help spread positive energy, or “vibe,” in their restaurants and their communities. With global initiatives such as Project PB&J and Flag Your Bag, franchisees are doing their part help to spread good vibes worldwide.

Even as the brand continues to grow at a record setting pace, with more than 250 units scheduled to open over the next five years, Sinelli is never resting. If you ask him what he is thinking about when he’s not in the office, his answer might surprise you (but only if you don’t know him): “How to make Which Wich? more profitable, healthier, and getting more people to eat more Wiches more of the time,” he says. “We’ve spent years perfecting our craft, and that means we’ve gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that we deliver a superior experience for every franchisee that joins the Which Wich family. Plus, we’re continually thinking up new ways to help make franchise ownership easy and profitable.”   

As Which Wich? has grown over the years, it has become nationally and internationally recognized for its sandwiches, restaurant, community involvement, and franchise excellence. Its stores are as uniquely styled as its concept, and the brand is strategically positioned in the fast-casual sector—the fastest growing segment of the restaurant industry. 

By design, the brand has eliminated most of the moving parts in typical restaurants, and this proprietary system creates maximum efficiency, thereby controlling costs and improving the bottom line. In its second decade as a company, Which Wich? is focused on continuing its trajectory of success and sustaining growth while keeping values and company-wide distinctions at the core of all it does. Simply put, thanks to a superior product, simple operations, and infectious “vibe”–together with unparalleled support and leadership–Which Wich offers an exciting business opportunity to passionate entrepreneurs.

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