Quick serve Long John Silver's serves lobster bite option as special Lent offer.

Quick-serve brands capitalize on seafood sales during Lent.

The limited-time offering includes a sandwich, fries, and a drink.
Tom Garrett has served as the President and COO of Arby’s since June 2006 and executive vice president and COO of Triarc since September 1, 2007.
Under the agreement, Arby's shareholders will receive 4.25 shares of Triarc stock.
Stockholders/shareholders from both companies voted in favor of the $2 billion merger.
From now through October 5, Arby's will offer the Arby-Q sandwich for $.99
Restaurants throughout Canada will offer the Beef ‘n Cheddar for 30 cents.
Canadian Arby's restaurants celebrate sandwich's 30th birthday.
Coupons will be redeemable at 250 restaurants throughout Atlanta, Birmingham, Alabama; Dallas-Fort Worth; Los Angeles, and Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida.
Sales increased 4.6 percent to $291.3 million for Company-owned restaurants and franchise revenues increased 4.4 percent to $42.9 million.
Arby’s signs an agreement with Charles Chera of RCNY Restaurants, LLC for the development of 41 restaurants throughout the New York Metropolitan area over the next ten years.
Eat This, Not That! authors grade 43 national chains; 6 receive an "F."
New study shows that 93 percent of kids' meals at restaurants provide children with calorie overdose.
The development commitments are with five new and eight existing franchisees.
Grant Avenue Development has been raising money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association through its Arby's franchises in Virginia for nine years and for two years in New York and Pennsylvania.
PETA president Ingrid E. Newkirk has written a letter to Triarc executives urging the company to move Wendy's away from using eggs from caged birds.
After two failed attempts, Triarc will purchase Wendy's for $2.34 billion.
The company opened 148 Arby’s restaurants and signed commitments to open an additional 197 restaurants throughout the U.S. and Canada.
The company is adding a Toasted Subs line to its Market Fresh menu.
Atlanta-based Arby’s executives assume additional Triarc corporate responsibilities
Billionaire investor Nelson Peltz said that the company is blocking him.