Jack in the Box

Vive Jacques: Jack in the Box Rolls Out Croissant Deal

The French have given Americans a lot to celebrate over the years—the Statue of Liberty, some cheap real estate (remember the Louisiana Purchase?), and a buttery bread called a croissant. As a savory salute to the latter’s invention, Jack in the Box restaurants are serving up a deal that will have guests shouting, “Vive Jacques!” For a limited time at participating restaurants, Jack in the Box is offering two Croissant Sandwiches for $3 plus tax.

Jack in the Box Delivers for Big Brothers Big Sisters


Jack in the Box announced that the chain’s third annual antenna ball promotion raised $275,000 for Big Brothers Big Sisters, the nation's largest donor and volunteer-supported children's mentoring network.

The promotion featured a new Jack-style antenna ball sporting a knit cap bearing the company logo. Proceeds from the sale of antenna balls, which were created exclusively for this event and sold at Jack in the Box restaurants for $1 each, plus tax, will primarily support Big Brothers Big Sisters’ military mentoring programs.

Top Women in Quick Service

Meet the women leading the biggest segment in the restaurant industry.

Just last year, women crossed the 50 percent threshold in the U.S. workforce, and for the first time in history represent the majority of working Americans. Even in our own industry, more than 50 percent of restaurants are now owned by women—a statistic released by the National Restaurant Association just last month.

While women’s accomplishments in the professional and collegiate world are undeniable (for every two men earning a post-secondary degree, three women are graduating), the fact remains that only 2 percent of bosses at America’s largest companies are women.

Using Noodles as Entrées

Just how much do human beings love a great bowl of noodles? Ask Wang Cong-yuan.

According to a December report in The Wall Street Journal, the highly regarded Taiwanese restaurateur charges about $324 for a bowl of his best beef noodles, which includes different cuts of beef from Japan, Australia, the U.S., and Brazil, in addition to 120 grams of noodles and some broth. The price was reportedly dictated by his own customers, who said $324 was the amount they’d be willing to pay for Wang’s finest product.

New VP, CIO Joins Jack in the Box Team

Jack in the Box announced that Michael E. Verdesca has been promoted to vice president and chief information officer.

Verdesca, previously division vice president of systems development for the company, had been serving as acting CIO since October 2010. In his new role with the company, he is responsible for all IT functions and company call centers, including guest relations.

Jack in the Box Shakes Up Menu

Jack in the Box, a San Diego-based hamburger chain with more than 2,200 restaurant locations in 19 states, announced that it would introduce the Mint Oreo Cookie Shake as an addition to its menu.

Like the Oreo Cookie Shake, another Jack in the Box menu item, the Mint Oreo Cookie Shake will be made with real ice cream, mint-flavored syrup and Oreo cookie pieces. The shake also features whipped topping and a Maraschino cherry on top.

Jack Goes ‘All-American’ in Super Bowl Spot

With much of the nation’s attention focused on the Super Bowl, Jack in the Box restaurants will once again leverage a break in the gridiron action to debut a new television ad and savory new burger appropriately named the All-American Jack. The 30-second commercial affirms many of the red, white, and blue attributes that Jack loves about America—from national symbols of patriotism like bald eagles and bison to jury duty, not to mention Spring Break on a 14-mile-long island on the Mexican Caribbean.

Are Mascots Outdated?

Are Ronald, Jack, Wendy, and the King right for marketing in the 21st century?

More than a decade into the 21st century, it is safe to say we are living in a brave new world. Television, perhaps the pièce de résistance of last century, has given way to computers and, in turn, desktop computers and laptops may soon give way to tablets and smartphones.

The 7 Trends of 2011

You can’t afford to miss these expert predictions.

Restaurant operators have spent 2010 in wait-and-see mode. The economy seems to have survived the financial collapse of 2008—survived being used quite literally here, as in, not died—and is even slowly growing. But consumers are still pinching pennies, and staying afloat in the restaurant industry remains about as difficult as ever.