Innovation in Convenience

1st place:



The entry:

With several design patents, Folia was developed to completely redefine the take-out and leftover experience. Innovative features include tear-away flaps for easier access to food, leak-resistant side flaps that prevent spills and hold condiments and cutlery, and a full array of shapes and sizes that satisfy a broad scope of foodservice needs.

Other highlights include: engineered stackability; Folia I nests inside Folia III and fits in V and VI; microwave- and freezer-safe; and it’s embossed to show off handy features such as pull tabs, perforated flaps, cutlery nooks, and sauce caddies. The packages are available in 12-, 22-, 35-, 58-, and 84-ounce capacities, as well as a 53-ounce, two-compartment option.

Judge’s comment:

I had not seen a package like this before. I liked the various separate compartments for the food, condiments, and cutlery. Convenient for the operator to store, fill, and stack. Clearly a lot of thought when into the embossing. Convenient for the consumer to carry everything they need in one container, plus easy to eat out of with the tear-away flaps. Also convenient for the consumer, since it’s microwaveable.

2nd place:

Big Bo Box, Bojangles’ Restaurants, Accurate Box Company

3rd place:

Catering Platters and Lids, Subway, Pactiv