Innovation in Sustainability

1st place:


Jerzy Wysocki/Aston Investment Sp. Z o.o.

The entry:

The innovation is in the production process, which is the embodiment of a zero-waste policy: Literally no waste is generated during the production process or after using the product, as it is fully biodegradable within 30 days and can be quickly composted in a backyard composter (unlike most other products labeled as biodegradable or compostable that require the use of commercial composting facilities). No chemicals are used, either, and BIOTREM is made of bran, which is a byproduct left during wheat flour production, so it also has a positive impact on waste reduction in mills. This is unique on a worldwide scale—even eco-friendly, biodegradable competitive products have not been able to develop such a clean process.

BIOTREM bran tableware, once applied on a large scale, can have major desirable environmental and social consequences. Many environmental benefits are related to the possible partial replacement of conventional plastic-, paper-, and board-based packaging.

Judge’s comment:

This product is like nothing else submitted. It’s made from a byproduct of wheat flour production; other packaging does the same, or uses waste materials in the form of recycled content, but this was something new to us. The product is in use across the world, including Poland, the United Kingdom, Slovenia, Germany, Ireland, and Canada. There is no indication of any testing procedures or compostability certifications that would be essential in the U.S. market, but it does state that BIOTREM is fully biodegradable within 30 days and can be quickly composted in a backyard composter. This could be beneficial in capturing food waste, an increasing concern and focus for creating more sustainable communities.

2nd place:

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