The “Wow” Factor

1st place:


Teriyaki Madness

The entry:

The chork can be used in three ways: as a fork, as a trainer for chopsticks, and as full chopsticks. With the chork all consumers can use chopsticks even if they have never used them before or are a little rusty. It makes using chopsticks less intimidating and helps educate consumers on how to properly use chopsticks.

It’s funny to see customers see chorks for the first time. First there’s a skeptical look while they try to figure out what exactly they’re seeing. They flip it over to look at the fork side, then to the chopstick side. There’s usually a giggle—and comments—when you tell them the name. Kids, of course, immediately flock to the chorks and start playing with them right away.

Judge’s comment:

The chork is immediately eye-catching and is a clever idea. Definitely produces a “wow” reaction—enough so that I borrowed it from another category.

2nd place:

Mesotron, El Meson Sandwiches

3nd place:

Six Compartment Catering Clamshell, Eco-Products, Inc.