The “Wow” Factor

1st Place

Seal 2 Go Tamper-Evident Bags

Pan Pacific Manufacturing

The entry:

“Third-party delivery is the hottest concept in the restaurant industry. Seal 2 Go offers a three-pronged safety benefit to consumers, third-party drivers, and restaurants alike by protecting meals procured via delivery. Consumers are ‘wowed’ by receiving their meals in this tamper-evident bag and the ease of opening it. Seal 2 Go offers the ability to drive sales in that consumers will be more apt to purchase via restaurants and third-party carriers using tamper-evident packaging.”

Judge’s comment:

“This bag’s brilliance is in the fact that it addresses a growing need in such a simple format. Employees place items inside and remove the paper from the seal to close, adding safety to the delivery process without additional labor. As more restaurants rely on third-party services for food delivery, the applications of this design are far-reaching throughout the industry.”


Dixie Ultra® SmartStock™ Automated Napkin Machine


Judge’s comment:

“With rising operational costs, many brands are trying to minimize expenses to avoid passing costs on to consumers. This system allows restaurants to not only limit the number of napkins that are placed in drive-thru bags, but it is also automatic, which keeps employees from having to count out napkins. While the napkin system allows customers to get as many napkins as they need,it also keeps them from grabbing large wads of napkins. Another notable feature is that the napkins are loaded in a roll form that is easy for employees, and because the system cuts and folds the paper, the cost of the napkins is lower.”