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Domino's Burns Letter, Not Sandwiches

2009-01-22 CEO David Brandon appeared in the first ad of his career to balk at Subway's cease and desist letter.

New Systemwide POS for Subway

2009-01-12 The global chain needed a standard system for all its stores.

Subway Ranks No. 1 for 16th Time

2008-12-31 Entrepreneur names Subway No. #1 domestic and global franchise opportunity.

The Top 10 Fast Food Stories of 2008

2008-12-22 You might be surprised by the chain that grabbed two spots on the list.

Subway Sets Green Example for Big Chains

2008-12-04 The brand's first Eco-Store, located in Kissimmee, Florida, received LEED silver certification.

Agency Wins Big at Subway Summit

2008-11-24 MSA captured five awards, the most of any advertising agency, at the annual Subway Agency Summit.

Michael Phelps Gives Jared a Run for His Subs

2008-11-20 Subway signed a long-term partnership with the world champion swimmer.

Subway to Open School Locations in Scotland

2008-09-25 Subway could open units in as many as six schools in East Renfrewshire.

Subway Changes Bulbs to Save Energy

2008-09-25 On October 1, the bulbs at 22,000 Subway restaurants in the U.S. will be replaced with energy efficient, compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs.

Subway Partners with schoolPAX

2008-08-29 Consumers can earn money for neighborhood schools by purchasing meals with their Subway card.