Chain: Churned Creamery

Churned Creamery Expanding in Southern California

Churned Creamery recently opened the doors to their fifth Southern California location in the beautiful city of Irvine. The concept, which freshly prepares handcrafted artisanal ice cream, uses traditional churning and freezing methods with breakthrough batch freezing equipment. The brand has announced the opening of two upcoming locations in Temecula and Yorba Linda. Churned Creamery […]

New SoCal Creamery Aims to Change the Ice Cream Game

Southern California’s ice cream shop game is about to change. Churned Creamery, which has the exclusive rights to use special, automated ice cream machines from Italy, will be able to offer customers freshly churned ice cream straight from the machine for the first time at a U.S. ice cream shop. The stainless steel double batch […]