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    Virtual Trends Tour: Lentils & Plant-Forward Cuisine

    January 28, 2021 | 2:00 PM EST


    In this webinar we will take you on a virtual tour that highlights three top trends impacting quick-service and fast-casual menus post-pandemic, including the latest consumer research, real-world examples, and chef-driven menu inspiration in the areas of power bowls, globally-inspired cuisines, and healthy eating.

    With over 33 percent of Americans identifying as flexitarians, and many more looking to reduce meat consumption, plant protein is at the forefront of consumers’ minds and interests. Getting creative in the plant-protein space can happen in many different ways, and we will explore strategies to expand and enhance your menu by sharing the "Top 5 Reasons Chefs Love Lentils." We will also explore why lentils are an important component to global food systems from the perspective of sustainability and health.

    You will walk away from this session with multiple new menu ideas, and a wealth of resources and examples for innovating around new plant-forward dishes that will surprise and delight your guests. 

    Event Hashtag: #LentilsontheMenu

    Jeff Miller, National Accounts Consultant, Lentils.org
    James Bickmore-Hutt, Corporate Chef, Lentils.org
    Amber Johnson, Director of Marketing & Communications, Lentils.org



    Archived Programs

    QSR Drive-Thru Study: Reviewing the 2020 Results 


    For the most recent installment of the QSR Drive-Thru Study, which has become an industry standard in its 20+ years, QSR magazine partnered with Darren Tristano and his firm FoodserviceResults to explore consumer sentiment toward the drive thru and other off-premises experiences.

    In this webinar, we'll dive into data exploring everything from which daypart guests prefer to order via drive thru, which technologies they’d like to see implemented in the outdoor lane, and how they’re using devices to engage with brands during the pandemic. And yes, you’ll even find out which brand is best satisfying consumers during the pandemic.

    We'll also explore real-world examples of how today's restaurant operators are dealing with the challenges of running a profitable drive-thru operation.

    Sam Oches, QSR magazine
    Darren Tristano, FoodserviceResults


    The Many Flavors of Fraud Facing QSRs: What They Are and How to Stop Them 


    The digital word is quickly changing the way QSRs are operating, and in turn the way that fraudsters are attacking. To stay alive, QSRs need to adapt their fraud strategies—through a digital trust and safety approach you can protect your bottom line and continue to grow. 

    Join our webinar to learn more about the types of fraud QSRs are facing, ranging from traditional payment fraud to card testing, and the ways you can use dynamic friction to stop each one. 

    In this webinar you’ll learn the different types of fraud QSRs are facing and new tactics fraudsters are taking, how to use dynamic friction to proactively stop fraudulent attacks, and what a digital trust and safety approach is, and how it can help your business to grow.

    Jeff Sakasegawa - Trust & Safety Architect at Sift 
    Jim Payne - Senior Product Marketing 

    50 Restaurant Chains Ranked by Local Marketing Success


    SOCi has done extensive research to identify the top 50 restaurant chains and rank them by their localized digital presence. 

    In this webinar, you’ll be able to join SOCi's Associate Director of Marketing, Olivia Starr, to find out who these leading restaurant chains are, what they’re doing to be successful in localized marketing, and discover the tactics you can use to improve your localized marketing strategy for 2021.

    Olivia Starr is a senior marketing professional with the innate ability to truly maximize the ROI of a company’s marketing efforts. Olivia has experience supplying the strategic marketing vision for how a company needs to communicate its brand—both written and visually. As the Associate Director of Marketing for SOCi, Olivia has developed and grown the communications department to help position SOCi as the central command for multi-location businesses, but also further the category and conversation surrounding localized marketing.

    Olivia has experience supplying the strategic marketing vision for how a company needs to communicate its brand - both written and visually. As the Associate Director of Marketing for SOCi, Olivia has developed and grown the communications department to help position SOCi as the central command for multi-location businesses, but also further the category and conversation surrounding localized marketing.

    Charlie Pogacar, Custom Content Editor, QSR magazine


    Digital Technology Transforming and Shaping the Future of Restaurants


    Digital transformation of the quick-service and fast-casual restaurant industry is happening at a rapid pace. Owners and operators are addressing existing current business pain points, such as safety, delivery, contactless experiences, and drive thru, as well as future needs, such as personalized experiences, transparency, kitchen automation, and digital loyalty. Join this exciting panel of experts catering to the restaurant industry and hear them address these current and future needs. They will highlight key technologies that play a role, hardware and software ingredients, and the integration of these solutions that are time to market ready and scalable.

    Panel moderator:
    Ravi Sirigineedi, Director, Intel

    Ryan Lagace, COO, Pyramid Americas
    Jeff Livney, CXO, Grab
    Amol Ajgaonkar, Sr. Manager, Insight

    ​​Sage Intacct & The National Restaurant Association Survey Results: COVID Impact and Recovery


    Sage Intacct and the National Restaurant Association teamed up to gauge restaurant sentiment on recovery and reactions to the COVID crisis. Listen in to find out how the pandemic has impacted restaurant businesses and how restaurant executives and operators are dealing with the crisis.
    You’ll learn:

    • How restaurateurs are adjusting to the “new normal,” and the specific changes they’ve made to better protect revenue and lessen costs
    • What business and business model changes restaurant operators have made since the pandemic
    • The surprising investments that restaurants are making to help push towards recovery

    Susan Casella, Head of Hospitality Vertical, Sage Intacct, susan.casella@sage.com.
    As the lead for hospitality at Sage Intacct, Susan has a passion for restaurant customers, identifying their goals, and helping to ensure their needs are represented in Sage Intacct product features and updates. Since launching the hospitality vertical at Sage Intacct two years ago, Susan shares best hospitality practices across the industry, and promotes restaurant customer successes.


    Leading with "Digital": Guest Experience for Digital Menus and Signage

    brightsignPublicis Sapient

    More brands are considering implementing digital menus and signage in their drive thrus and stores than ever. Meanwhile, first movers like McDonald’s are demonstrating the value of advanced technology in driving incremental revenue with digital signage. With drive-thru traffic at its peak and brands pushing hard on digital as a key growth driver to meet rising customer expectations, considerations for rolling out digital signage have never been more complex. Yet it can be tempting to think that rolling out digital menu boards is a technology strategy in itself.

    In this session, we’ll explore:

    • Key considerations in forming your digital strategy for digital menus and signage (content, customer experience, analytics and AI)
    • How “omnichannel” applies to digital signage, and why open architecture is your secret weapon
    • Rationalizing the relationship between hardware and software


    Jackie Walker,
    Publicis Sapient
    Jeff Hastings, BrightSign

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    Tech Talk: Using Technology to Promote Superior Digital Hospitality

    paytronix logo

    Restaurateurs know that the meal is only a portion of the guest experience. Hospitality can make or break the dining experience. According to a recent survey by the National Restaurant Association, 56% of restaurants anticipate off-premises will be a bigger part of their business, even after the Covid-19 crisis.

    As more guests choose off-premises dining, the means of providing top-notch hospitality are changing. Operators need to consider how their online ordering platform can enhance the guest experience through real-time menu updates, delivery estimates, and enabling immediate guest feedback.

    In this webinar, Kiera Blessing of Paytronix Systems will break down the most common mistakes restaurants make in off-premises dining, and provide technology-driven solutions to those problems, including:

    • Syncing menus and hours across platforms, including third parties
    • Setting reasonable expectations for guests, especially during peak hours
    • Remedying errors with guests immediately to maximize retention and loyalty


    ​​Customer Loyalty in 2020: Why Taco Bell Believes There Has Never Been a Better Time to Self-Disrupt


    In 2020, Taco Bell launched a customer loyalty program to deliver innovative communications and targeted marketing campaigns, seizing an opportunity to surprise, delight, and reassure their loyal fan base, while attracting new customers.

    How did they manage to drive higher digital sales and even greater customer engagement in the midst of historic chaos? Join Zipporah Allen, VP of Digital Experiences at Taco Bell to find out.  

    Attend this webinar to learn how the team at Taco Bell: 

    • Guides positive customer behaviors through innovative campaigns and a data-driven loyalty platform
    • Uses unique digital experiences to create memorable customer connections
    • Personalizes the customer experience to build trust, loyalty, and higher lifetime value  
    • Harnesses “disruptive innovation” as an accelerator for digital transformation    

    Zipporah Allen, VP of Digital Experiences, Taco Bell 
    As a senior marketing executive at Yum! Brands, Zipporah "Zip" Allen has a passion for creating experiences that consumers will love, and creating environments that bring out the best in people. Now the vice president of digital experiences at Taco Bell, Zip’s responsibilities center around driving the customer experience through the brand’s digital channels—kiosk, app, web, and delivery.
    Shyam Rao, Co-founder & CEO, Punchh
    Shyam Rao is the Co-founder and CEO of Punchh, the world leader in delivering dynamic, one-to-one customer engagement through artificial intelligence, mobile-first expertise, and omnichannel communications for restaurants and retailers. Punchh’s solutions are designed to guide consumers through their lifecycle from customer to loyalist, delighting them along the way, and dramatically increasing lifetime customer value. Nearly 200 global enterprise brands rely on Punchh to grow revenue by building customer relationships.

    Host and moderator:
    Charlie Pogacar,
    Custom Content Associate Editor, QSR magazine


    Game-Changing Solutions for 2021

    red gold logo

    Hungry for some right-now solutions while planning your 2021 business and menu strategy? Hear from operators who are building back their business and how they see game-changing opportunities ahead, followed by best-in-class market trends from a Datassential menu expert.

    You will also discover innovative new ways to address portion control and kitchen efficiency from sponsor Red Gold® Premium Condiments & Tomatoes.

    John Benjamin,
    Venture Capital Partner, Metro Diner
    Kelly Dykhuizen, Datassential
    David Halt, VP of Foodservice Sales, Red Gold

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    How KFC, Taco Bell, and Other Brands are Navigating the Post-COVID Scenario With AI Analytics

    Hypersonix Logo

    With around 16,000 closures in the United States, the restaurant industry has been among the worst casualties of the COVID-19 pandemic. While recovery has been painfully slow, restauranteurs have good reason to be optimistic about the future. The signs of economic revival, however faint, have started appearing with accelerated economic activity and employment picking up in recent months.

    In this online event, we will explore some  changes that the industry is encountering and the increasing role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the restaurant industry as it emerges from the crisis. One thing is for sure, legacy approaches are no longer adequate. Successful restauranteurs will embrace new diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics to respond more quickly to changing consumer trends.

    The panel will consist of experts from the quick-service space who will discuss key trends and actions that restaurants can take to thrive and outperform competition by leveraging AI-powered enterprise analytics. 

    What you will learn from this online event:

    • Key insights and levers to drive margin and growth during and after the COVID-19 era, including opportunities for growth and data-driven recommendations in operations, procurement, marketing, and sales.
    • How customer intelligence leveraging AI and timely insights can drive key performance metrics resulting in happier customers.
    • How to enable decision makers across the organization to gain rapid insights that drive operational success.


    Pushpak Patel,
    CEO, Mitra QSR, KFC & Taco Bell Franchisee
    Brandi Babb, VP of Operations, zpizza International
    Rama Rao, PhD, Co-Founder, Chief Data & Product Officer, Hypersonix, Inc. 


    How Brands Like Panera are Winning Big with Subscriptions


    Subscriptions are everywhere you turn – from streaming video platforms to pet and beauty supplies. As consumers have become used to interacting with subscriptions in nearly every aspect of their daily lives, restaurants too have a great opportunity to capitalize on this trend.

    With their $8.99 per month coffee program, Panera Bread is one of the restaurants leading the way. In under a year, they have enrolled over 750,000 users and report increases to both guest frequency and ticket size.

    Join us for this webinar and learn about:

    • Three common formats of subscription programs
    • Key steps of implementing subscriptions
    • Ideas for how your brand can get started


    Register today to reserve your spot and learn more about this growing trend!

    Jessica Shelcusky, content marketing specialist, Paytronix

    Disclaimer: Paytronix has a relationship with Panera and provides services to Panera to help enable programs mentioned in this webinar. None of the Paytronix employees that directly work with Panera assisted in the creation of content for this webinar. Paytronix is not affiliated with other brands mentioned in this webinar, nor is this webinar sponsored or endorsed by any of these brands, including Panera. This webinar is strictly based on publicly available information and Paytronix's independent analysis of the industry.

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    The Pivot to Quick Service from Full Service and How to Win

    HungerRush Logo

    With reductions in dine-in capacity across the US, take-out, delivery, and carryout continue to drive the bulk of revenue for restaurants, and owners need to evolve their ordering channels to survive. So, what are the tools that you need in your tech stack to grow your business and thrive? 

    Pedro Mora, CEO and founder of Fajita Pete’s, joins HungerRush to share how he pivoted his career from a full-service concept to a prominent quick-service model with 16 locations serving his guests delicious, authentic fajitas every day. He’ll share his plans to grow to 20 rooftops by the end of this year and why having the right technology is critical to reach this milestone. Register now to save your spot! 

    Pedro Mora,
    CEO and Founder, Fajita Petes    
    David Jones, Senior Director of National Accounts, HungerRush

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    How Dickey's Barbeque Pit Serves Up Fresh Mobile Offers with SMS Marketing

    Attentive Logo

    Over 45% of consumers say mobile ordering would increase online orders, and 42% already use mobile devices to search for food offers. With consumers relying (and spending time) on their mobile devices more than ever, it’s no wonder brands like Dickey’s Barbeque Pit are turning to text message marketing as their secret (bbq) sauce for a new direct performance marketing channel. 

    In this session, we’ll explore:

    • How food & beverage brands use text messaging to build loyalty, reward customers with exclusive offers, and guarantee subscribers (and their hunger) are satisfied
    • Real-life examples from Dickey’s Barbeque Pit on how they use their text messaging channel, including some of the results they’ve seen
    • Tips for launching and scaling your own text message marketing channel 


    Can’t make the live event? No problem. Register now, and we’ll send you a link to the recording.

    Richard Chellew, Director, Digital Marketing, Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurants, Inc.
    Amir Zamanian, General Manager—Food, Beverage & Restaurants, Attentive


    ​​​​What Matters Most for Your Post-Pandemic Menu

    ca avo logo

    The coronavirus has shifted most restaurant sales to off-premises, forcing operators to rethink their menu prep and R&D, not to mention their kitchen layout and equipment. And with a years-long recession looming, operators will have to trim the fat and look for efficiencies throughout their restaurant to protect their bottom line. What should be on the chopping block—and what shouldn't? And how can restaurants streamline kitchen procedures without sacrificing quality?

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    ​​Take Fraud Off the Menu: Grow and Protect Your Business with Digital Trust and Safety


    Instant gratification and ease of use shape go-to-market strategies for nearly every brand around the globe, even driving major decisions for industry leaders that have no intention of losing market share. For quick-service restaurants, this means giving diners what they want, when they want it. This convenience has contributed to the rapid growth of QSRs over the years. Unfortunately, that growth comes with a side of fraud.

    So now the question for a QSR is, how can you remain quick and convenient while still protecting against fraud? By adapting a Digital Trust & Safety approach, quick-service restaurants can create seamless experiences, build customer loyalty programs, and protect their bottom line all while keeping the fraudsters at bay.

    In this webinar you will learn:

    • The biggest fraud threats in the QSR space and what you can put in place to prevent them
    • A dive into the customer journey and the risk found along the way
    • How a Digital Trust & Safety approach can help your business increase efficiency while shutting down fraudsters


    Jeff Sakasegawa
    - Trust & Safety Architect at Sift
    Jim Payne - Senior Manager of Product Marketing at Sift

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    ​​Shifting Norms: How Drive-Thru Digital Signage is Pushing QSRs Forward


    Drive thrus, curbside pickup, and touchless delivery are increasingly becoming revenue drivers for quick service restaurants as customers shift the way they dine. For restaurants in a post-COVID-19 world, digital signage will continue to play a significant role for order management and communication, allowing timely updates to customers at the click of a button. As a leader in the technology industry, Samsung Electronics America offers products and solutions that utilize best-in-class technology to elevate your customer’s experience and keep your QSR operating efficiently.

    Join us for a webinar to hear from Samsung’s QSR experts about how their drive thru, pick-up, and touchless delivery solutions can not only meet, but exceed the demands of your customers 24/7.

    Can't make the live event? No problem. Register now, and we'll send you a link to the recording.

    Sara Grofcsik, Director of Sales – QSR & C-Store, Samsung
    Phillip Chan, Director of Technical Solutions, Samsung

    Why Brands Like Taco Bell are Returning to Loyalty 

    Taco Bell made waves this summer by launching a new loyalty program, five years after ending their previous effort. Loyalty programs can provide a way to stay engaged with customers, and during difficult times, loyalty members stay true and continue to visit their favorite brands. It is no wonder that Taco Bell and other brands are embracing loyalty programs, as we move into the second half of this year.

    In this 30-minute webinar, we will explore:

    • An overview of the program and how it differs from their last program
    • How the new loyalty program stacks up against several program design best practices
    • How Taco Bell has embraced the frictionless experience in the past
    • Tips for developing a successful loyalty program


    Loyalty done right can be a game changer for a business. Tune in to this webinar and find out how Taco Bell is getting loyalty right…and which areas it needs to improve on.

    Can't make the live event? No problem. Register now, and we'll send you a link to the recording. 

    Disclaimer: Paytronix is not affiliated with Taco Bell, or other brands mentioned in this webinar, nor is this webinar sponsored or endorsed by any of these brands. This webinar is strictly based on publicly available information and Paytronix's independent analysis of the industry.

    Jess Shelcusky is a content marketing specialist at Paytronix working in the restaurant space. With an MBA from Boston College and a passion for telling stories, she helps produce new content to help businesses take their marketing to the next level.


    What to Know About Franchising Post-Pandemic

    qsr logo

    The coronavirus pandemic has made the partnership between franchisees and franchisors more critical than ever before as each side looks to the other for support through the crisis. And as restaurant franchises continue to evolve from all of the challenges thrown their way by the pandemic, they're learning best practices that should make them stronger in the long run.

    Representatives from three of QSR's latest Best Franchise Deals honorees discuss those best practices, along with the state of franchising in a post-COVID world, how franchising will evolve in the coming years, and tips for other brands looking to use the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to improve their franchise program.

    Can't make the live event? Go ahead and register now, and we'll send you a link to the recording.

    Host and moderator:
    Sam Oches, Editor, QSR magazine


    The Future of Online Ordering


    Online ordering has emerged as a mission-critical feature for restaurants and retailers navigating the ongoing effects of COVID-19. Even before the emergence of the virus, restaurants were undergoing a transformation due to new consumer expectations, including online ordering, which increased 23 percent annually from 2013 to 2018. As we look ahead to a post COVID-19 world, online ordering will continue to play a major role as consumers come to expect a seamless experience from businesses.

    Join us for a webinar to hear two Revel product experts walk listeners through recent online ordering innovations, and preview what to expect in the future. We’ll wrap the session with a Q&A.

    Can't make the live event? No problem. Go ahead and register now, and we'll send you a link to the recording.

    Mark Harris, Director of Product Management, Revel Systems
    Mark Harris has over 20 years of experience in technology and software development and is currently the Director of Product Management at Revel. His current focus is to develop and drive strategy and innovation for Revel’s consumer-facing products. Mark is a former founder, owner, and general manager of a cafe/bistro in San Francisco, CA, and a native of Palo Alto. He currently works out of Revel’s European headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania.

    Jay Gillespie, Sr. Product Manager, Revel Systems
    Jay is a Sr. Product Manager at Revel Systems, where he helps shape the direction of the company's innovative iPad-based point of sale system. Prior to this, Jay led the company's implementation and services business, helping make sure clients were successful using Revel's solutions.


    Grow Revenue Thru Your Drive Thru: Watching and Measuring the Line Moves the Line!

    FastSR.com Logo

    At FastQSR.com, we track lines of cars and people, identifying each time there is a delay in a client’s line of service. FastQSR.com constantly analyzes the drive thru and the lines of customers inside, and identifies and alerts you when they are not moving to your time standards, allowing you to find:

    • Scheduling Mismatches
    • Training Opportunities
    • Process Improvements


    Watching the line moves the line: even before you implement changes to scheduling, training, and process, improvement is possible. Just letting your team know they are being measured, and sharing the data, moves the line faster.

    This webinar will show examples of our client’s experience, discuss unintended consequences of management measurements, and then dig into the Return On Investment (ROI) of our solution.

    Can't attend the live event? No problem! Go ahead and register now and we'll send you a link to the recording.

    Rob Meng, CEO, FastQSR.com
    Rob Meng started FastQSR.com to help folks get back their most precious resource: time! After 10 years of success at AutoMotion, helping car washes and auto service companies monitor line speed and delays, Rob has created a new solution to help quick-service restaurants monitor delays in the drive thru, monitor lines of customers inside before the register, alert for pull forwards, and monitor curbside pickup spots. With over 20 years of business systems consulting under his belt and 10 years successfully running AutoMotion, Rob Meng is dedicated to providing quick serves a new management metric, helping move the line and grow revenue.

    Kevin Meng, VP Client & Data Strategy, FastQSR.com
    Kevin Meng is an experienced analytics & insights executive with a demonstrated history of working in big data to pull out unique metrics and communicate essential trends. Skilled in all types of data reporting systems, Kevin has over 10 years of experience managing data and teams, driving quality in both.


    What's New and What's Next in Restaurant Tech

    HugerRush Logo

    HungerRush helps restaurants compete in the toughest business on earth. As an owner/operator, you know there are a ton of options, and loyalty is hard to get. Our integrated restaurant management system helps master operational efficiency, create awesome guest experiences with ease, and squeeze customer data for every last drop of insight.

    Join our webinar to hear from Dan Wallin, VP of Product Management, and Jamie Swartz, Director of Product Marketing, about where is HungerRush focusing its resources. What is available now? What are we working on? This is a webinar you don’t want to miss. Register now to save your seat.

    Discussion topics:

    • Dan’s philosophy on Product Management and how that will affect the product roadmap
    • Why we talk about RMS more than POS
    • Recently released products / features, and their importance in the overall product suite
    • What customers can expect to see from HungerRush going forward


    Meet Our Speakers
    Dan Wallin, VP of Product Management, HungerRush
    Dan Wallin joined HungerRush in 2020 but has been bringing innovative software to market in various industries, including Financial Services for 30 years. At HungerRush Dan leads the Products team.

    Jamie Swartz, Director of Product Marketing, HungerRush
    Jamie leads the marketing direction and strategic vision for the HungerRush portfolio set. She is an experienced technology marketing executive with over 16 years of experience in product marketing across a multitude of industries.


    ​​The Restaurant of the Future

    qsr logo

    COVID-19 has completely upended the restaurant industry, and will likely permanently alter the restaurant experience as we know it. From smaller dining rooms to technological upgrades and off-premises accommodations, get an idea of how restaurants will likely change due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and practical tips for changes you can make to your operation today. 

    Host and moderator:
    Sam Oches, editor, QSR magazine

    Scott Boatwright, Chief Restaurant Officer, Chipotle
    Mandy Shaw, CEO, Blaze Pizza
    Bruce Reinstein, Partner, Kinetic12

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    Communication in Crisis: Crafting the Right Message in This Season

    qsr logo

    Your guests need to hear one thing, and your team needs to hear another. There’s social media to consider, and email marketing. What’s the best strategy for communication in times of crisis? How should restaurant operators communicate their reopening strategies? And what communication lessons should we all take with us into the future?

    Host and moderator:
    Sam Oches,
    Editorial Director, QSR magazine

    Eliot Hoff, executive director, APCO Worldwide
    Susie Fogelson, founder, F&Co
    Jami Sharp, SVP of public relations, Champion Management

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    From POS to RMS: The Evolution of the Reporting and Management of Software Ecosystem
    HugerRush Logo

    As an owner or operator in the midst of COVID-19, adapting to off-premises dining, online ordering, and delivery have become more critical to your restaurant’s success. But what’s next?

    Now is the time to evaluate your restaurant management technology as the industry forges a new path ahead and reporting and management is always top of mind.

    Join HungerRush as we explore how to evolve from the traditional POS system, what you can achieve with HungerRush HUB Reporting Management, and how as an owner/operator you can make better data-driven decisions.

    What you will learn:

    • Tips and tricks from product experts with over two decades of industry experience
    • How an integrated HUB of tools can help you efficiently manage your business remotely
    • What is Reporting Management HUB and what your restaurant can achieve with it
    • How can Quick Serve Restaurants better succeed with our HungerRush tech stack?
    • What's new, what's coming and the future of HUB

    Even if you can't make the live event, go ahead and register now, so we can let you know when the recording is available to watch at your convenience.

    Jessica Harris,
    Senior Product Manager, HungerRush
    Corey Chao, Director of Product Management, HungerRush

    Where Emerging Brands Go From Here

    qsr logo

    The COVID-19 pandemic has completely upended growth momentum for countless startup brands that had plans to expand across the country. But this season doesn’t have to mean their momentum goes away forever. Get advice from other startup leaders who are balancing crisis relief with realistic plans for future growth.

    Host and moderator:
    Sam Oches,
    Editorial Director, Food News Media

    Bill Phelps, CEO, Dave's Hot Chicken
    Denyelle Bruno, CEO, Tender Greens
    Alonso Castañeda, VP of Brand Development & Strategy, Four Foods Group


    The Unexpected Secret Sauce of Increasing Profit Margin
    Netsurian Logo

    Restaurant businesses thrive off of innovation, speed, and efficiency. But with thin profits getting thinner, some national chains are implementing a cost saving measure that also propels innovation and profits. That secret sauce is surprisingly in this new approach to restaurant IT called “SD-Branch.”

    Now more than ever, quick-service and fast-casual restaurants need their IT networks to be agile, reliable, and cost-efficient without sacrificing cybersecurity or PCI DSS compliance. But the typical networking solution in place at restaurants today is wasteful, complicated, and expensive. The concept of SD-Branch (software-defined branch networking) can be perfectly tailored to the unique business needs and budgets of restaurant

    In this webcast, see how SD-Branch enables you to:

    • Dramatically reduce IT costs for every location
    • Recoup revenue typically lost to POS downtime
    • Reduce business risk associated with cybersecurity and PCI DSS
    • Increase technology deployment speed and efficiency

    Can't make the live event? No problem. Go ahead and register now, and we'll send you a link to the recording.

    Mark Cline,
    Sr VP Sales, Netsurion
    Chris Medeiros, General Manager, Retail Data Systems (RDS)
    Jason Graf, VP of Product Development, Netsurion

    How to Innovate in Off-Premises

    Most restaurant business is offpremises today. But offering your products for carryout and delivery is just table stakes; getting creative with off-premises platforms and digital marketplaces is critical to giving your business a leg up. Get practical tips for elevating your off-premises business and breaking through the glut of options available to your guests today.

    Host and moderator:
    Sam Oches, editor, QSR magazine

    Geoff Alexander, President, Wow Bao
    Hagop Giragossian, Partner, Dog Haus
    Gary Stibel, CEO, New England Consulting Group

    Can't make the live event? Go ahead and register now, and we'll send you a link to the recording.


    The Pivot to Off-Premise: How to Optimize Your Operation for Growth

    The restaurant industry has been hit incredibly hard over the last few months. The Coronavirus pandemic has literally changed the way we live our lives, how we communicate, how we collaborate. In-store channels are gone and we’re battling with a scare that is not visible to the human eye.

    And for restaurants – The directive for social distancing goes against everything the hospitality industry is about. As technology has become more digitally focused over the past few years, the convenience of online ordering and delivery has become more prevalent across the restaurant industry.

    The consumer now expects to have the ability to order almost anything online and have it delivered to their doorstep. The Coronavirus has fast tracked how we use technology to consume something we all need. And that is to eat. That’s right we still need to eat to survive — and survive we will!

    So how can restaurants successfully pivot from in-store dining to 100% off-premise and continue to grow?

    In this webinar Rick Smith, the owner of HomeTown Pizza in Rockmart, Georgia will share how he has quickly adapted to servicing guests for curbside, take-out and delivery while driving record number sales days.

    Even if you can’t make the live event, go ahead and register now, so we can let you know when the recording is available to watch at your convenience.

    Nick Bryant, Senior Territory Manager, Revention

    Nick has over a decade of experience in the hospitality industry, having managed restaurants that take in over a million dollars of revenue annually. Since joining Revention, he works with future and current customers to ensure they are getting the most value out of their services to maximize profits. Nick takes pride in helping restauranteurs succeed in their business through leveraging Revention’s suite of products.

    Rick Smith, Owner, HomeTown Pizza and Grill
    Rick Smith is the owner of HomeTown Pizza and Grill in Rockland, Georgia. He has been in business for 25 years and is committed to serving his customers fresh and quality ingredients! Family owned and operated, HomeTown Pizza is a town favorite. 

    Take Control of Delivery, During the Pandemic and Beyond
    shiftpixy logo

    Among the countless problems stemming  from COVID-19, restaurants are struggling, many limiting their  operations to delivery. Already grappling with a tight labor market,  operators are laying off staff in order  to stay afloat – leaving them with an insufficient number of employees  once the pandemic is over. If this crisis has taught the industry  anything, it’s that restaurants across the board need to rethink human  capital now.

    With a growing reliance placed on third-party  delivery partners, restaurants already have limited digital engagement  with their customers, and are outsourcing their positions to  drivers who have not received adequate training, or possess the same  brand awareness that direct employees do.

    In this webinar Scott Absher, the CEO of ShiftPixy, will discuss the importance  of rethinking human capital, regaining control of delivery operations, and elevating customer engagement during this crisis and beyond.

    Even if you can't make the live event, go ahead and register now, so we can let you know when the recording is available to watch at your convenience.

    Scott Absher As co-founder and chief executive officer of ShiftPixy, Scott Absher brings 30 years of experience in organizational development, capital development and employment industry expertise to the company.


    Why You Should Switch to a Cloud-Base Point of Sale 

    With the constant evolution of technology, point of sale (POS) systems need to stay nimble. A modern POS system is expected to do more than process payments. It is a foundational part of enhancing the customer experience, improving business operations, and maximizing revenue. Restaurants still using legacy, server-based POS systems face steep challenges related to thriving in today’s increasingly digital and connected landscape. Moving to a cloud-based POS can appear daunting, but provides substantial benefits, such as improved connectivity, integration, and security, as well as the ability to easily manage multiple locations and access key data wherever and whenever.

    In this webinar, attendees will learn why now is the time to migrate from legacy POS. They will also get a first-hand look at the immediate and long-term benefits they will receive from moving to the cloud.

    Can't make the live event? Not a problem. Register now so we can send you the recording.


    • Chris Lybeer, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Revel Systems
    • Garrett Fadden, Senior Director, Retail IT Systems, Focus Brand


    Multi-Unit Restaurant Growth: 4 POS Pitfalls to Avoid 

    Many challenges face Limited Service Restaurant (LSR) operators as they attempt to expand their businesses. Every aspect of growth offers a new puzzle to solve -- from identifying and securing new locations, to hiring new team members and extending the supply chain. But one critical ingredient for growth is often overlooked until it's too late. As operators plan for expansion, it is essential that they assess their Point of Sale (POS) solution to ensure it's up to the task.  

    During this webinar, we review the four essential questions all LSR operators should ask about their existing POS, to determine if it has the capabilities required to support their planned expansion, or if pitfalls await.

    Can't make the live event? No problem. Go ahead and register and we'll send you a link to the recording.

    Speaker Bio:  
    Brian Whitney is the Vice President of Professional and Enterprise Sales at Appetize. He brings over 20 years of point of sale experience to Appetize and has worked with Radiant Systems, NCR and Allure over that term. Brian has worked globally in over 20 countries across 5 continents in industries throughout hospitality, airports, cinemas, stadiums, and retail.


    QSR Drive-Thru Study: Reviewing the 2019 Results 

    The drive-thru lane has reigned in quick service for 70 years. But with off-premises booming and new technologies thriving, the questions remain: How is drive-thru performance holding up? And what are brands doing to maintain their drive-thru fundamentals?

    These are questions the QSR Drive-Thru Study seeks to answer each year. Join us for this free webinar to explore the results of the 2019 study in depth.

    Can't make the live program? Go ahead and register now, and we'll send you a link to the recording.

    Please note: This is a rescheduled version of the program originally broadcast in January that experienced some audio difficulties.



    Modernization, Transformation, Personalization: What's Going on in the Drive-Thru? 

    Designed to connect the consumer to the restaurant, technologies such as digital menu boards, edge computing, voice, computer vision and the utilization of data are transforming the drive-thru. Experts from Intel and Coates Group discuss the current and future state of the drive-thru, and how brands can bring their experience to the next level and ultimately drive ROI using comprehensive digital solutions, ai-enabling technologies and a dynamic content strategy.

    In this webinar, you will learn and hear more about:

    • The transformation of drive-thru from static to digital
    • What does going to digital enable?
    • Technology adoption curve for modernization of the drive-thru
    • Visual examples and proof points
    • Personalization of the experiences
    • Enabling technologies for the future of drive-thru

    Can't make the live program? Go ahead and register now, and we'll send you a link to the recording.


    QSR Drive-Thru Study: Reviewing the 2019 Results 

    The drive-thru lane has reigned in quick service for 70 years. But with off-premises booming and new technologies thriving, the questions remain: How is drive-thru performance holding up? And what are brands doing to maintain their drive-thru fundamentals?

    These are questions the QSR Drive-Thru Study seeks to answer each year. Join us for this free webinar to explore the results of the 2019 study in depth.

    Can't make the live program? Go ahead and register now, and we'll send you a link to the recording.





    Restaurant Forecasting 2020: Maximizing Food and Labor Savings

    In 2020, everything is going to be predictive around food and labor. Having the right processes and tools in place are key to ensuring proper forecasting. Along with the right business intelligence, you can effectively forecast sales and optimize your inventory ordering, food preparation and staff scheduling so you can reduce your prime costs and drive dollars to your bottom line.

    In this insightful webinar, you’ll learn how to:

    • Select past data to forecast sales by location and period and compare it to actual values.
    • Use data from your POS system to project forecasted sales by hour based on past performance.
    • Schedule labor based on location-specific SPLH metrics that scale based on sales.
    • Save on food costs by preparing accurate amounts of food based on forecasting and recipe shelf life.
    • Order inventory at correct levels with suggestive ordering based on your historical sales trends.

    Colin Willoughby, Product Manager – Scheduling, Restaurant365
    Joe Hannon, Product Manager – Operations, Restaurant365


    The Recipe for Successful ACA Compliance 

    IRS has been actively enforcing the Affordable Care Act. QSRs with multiple locations, a significant mix of full-time and part-time workers, and high turnover rates are particularly at risk of failing to comply with the healthcare law because of the complexity of the ACA.

    QSRs with more than 50 full-time and full-time equivalent employees are required to make annual ACA filings to the IRS. Some QSRs have still not filed the required information because they don’t realize that they fall under the IRS requirements

    An ACA expert provides the recipe for QSRs to ensure they successfully comply with the ACA each year to avoid being assessed ACA penalties by the IRS.

    In this webinar, you will learn:

    • The compliance issues that make complying with the ACA challenging for QSRs.
    • What steps QSRs can take to ensure they successfully comply with the ACA to avoid ACA penalties issued by the IRS.
    • An update on the IRS’s ACA enforcement activities and insights into what to expect in 2020.
    • How QSRs can determine if they are at risk of receiving ACA penalties and how to lower that risk.

    Recommended Resources

    Gregg Kasubuchi
    , Vice President, Trusaic


    Understanding the Digital Customer Journey 

    There is a constant stream of new digital technologies designed to help consumers connect with restaurants and retailers, such as mobile apps, online ordering, and a growing number of third-party delivery partners. There is also an increasing amount of new technology to help restaurants and retailers automate in store processes such as digital kitchen display systems and kiosks. Business owners need to understand how to connect these two fast-paced and even faster-changing trends to improve operations, grow their customer base and thrive in a digital environment. 

    In this webinar, attendees will learn why a digital strategy is now more critical than ever to their business success and the impact on their brand, operations, and customer relationships.


    Investing in Technology is Investing in Your People 

    Digital Natives represent a significant portion of today's restaurant workforce. Understanding and embracing the way this group (and others) communicate, digest information, and engage with content is paramount to a successful digital communication strategy. With mobile technology in place, your restaurant staff and company will be best equipped to adapt, grow, and succeed in today's evolving landscape.

    Join us for an engaging webinar with Sunny Ashman, Sr. Director, Training and Ops Services, Cinnabon, and learn how to:

    • Drive higher employee engagement and retention
    • Enable sales through education and promotions
    • Meet critical compliance requirements
    • Deliver priority company communications to all of your mobile workforce


    5 Things You Need to Know About Gen Z 

    Gen Z is now the largest age demographic in the United States. While they may be young, relationships and brand affinity formed during this time can build loyal relationships down the road. Unlike the generations before them, members of Gen Z are digital natives, leading them to have different expectations when it comes to the restaurant experience. What do you need to know to appeal to this younger group, and how do they differ from the generations that came before them?

    In this 30-minute webinar, you’ll learn:

    • 5 things to know about Gen Z
    • How you can reach Gen Z now – and keep them loyal later
    • Gen Z’s preferences for order and delivery

    Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about tomorrow’s loyal guests, today. Tune in to this webinar to learn how you can best engage with this up and coming generation.

    Jess Shelcusky
    is a content marketing specialist at Paytronix working in the restaurant space. With an MBA from Boston College and a passion for telling stories, she helps produce new content to help businesses take their marketing to the next level.


    Domino's Delivery Decision & the Guest Experience 

    Domino’s has maintained their position in favor of keeping delivery in-house rather than partnering with a third-party service. By focusing on tech innovations and using a fortressing strategy to open new locations, Domino’s feels that they are on the right path to growth.

    However, they continue to face increased pressure and competition from the delivery aggregators. As off-premises sales continue to boom, is Domino’s going to be able to succeed in this new environment?

    In this 30-minute webinar, you’ll learn about:

    • Domino’s pushes toward convenience through technology
    • The pressure from third-party delivery
    • The benefits of owning the customer experience from end to end

    Ordering and delivery are critical components of the restaurant industry. Tune in to this webinar to see how Domino’s has fared so far, and what the future may hold.

    Disclaimer: Paytronix is not affiliated with Domino’s, or other brands mentioned in this webinar, nor is this webinar sponsored or endorsed by any of these brands. This webinar is strictly based on publicly available information and Paytronix's independent analysis of the industry.


    The Millennial Majority: How 50% of the American Workforce Influences QSR Spend 

    Over half of America’s workforce is made up of Millennials, and how they decide where they eat—even for work—is greatly impacting the quick-service restaurant landscape. 

    By attending this webinar, you’ll learn:

    • Why working Millennials are choosing quick-service restaurants
    • What is most important to them when they choose a quick-service restaurant for business dining for travel and catering
    • How quick-service restaurants can attract the millennial workforce

    Space is limited, so please register now!


    Restaurants and PCI Compliance: What You Really Need to Know 

    PCI compliance should be a top priority for any successful restaurant. But exactly what do you need to know? Join Cybera’s James McClay to learn the many ways PCI compliance can impact your business. This webinar will cover the CyberaONE Solution, which offers a full suite of PCI compliance services—including a self-assessment questionnaire, vulnerability scans, employee training, and an online portal for PCI-related activities.

    The webinar will also explore how maintaining PCI compliance can help you:

    • Reduce your threat profile and prevent data breaches
    • Minimize business risk from lawsuits, fines, or damage to your reputation
    • Improve customer loyalty and purchasing confidence


    Competition Crisis: Not Just Restaurants Anymore 

    When analyzing your competition in the restaurant industry, it’s no longer enough to study other brick-and-mortar locations alone.  From meal delivery to increased prepared food offerings from c-stores and grocery stores, your guests have a lot of different options when it comes to mealtime.

    Here are a few of the insights you'll take away from this presentation:

    • The different competitors you should keep your eye on in 2019
    • What you can learn from them to add to your own strategy
    • Tips for what restaurants can do to keep up