Restaurant operators measure everything from guest experience to drive-thru speed and use these metrics to fine-tune operations, save on expenses, and drive sales. Yet while the restaurant industry spends $26–27 million annually on repairs and maintenance (R&M) for facilities and equipment, few brands pay the same attention to R&M as other critical operations.


When equipment and facilities do eventually break down—often causing major service disruptions, a worse guest experience, and lost sales—restaurant managers are often left scrambling to troubleshoot broken equipment, find workarounds, or hire and manage vendors themselves while managing the rest of the store’s operations.


In this free downloadable report—made possible with the support of 86 Repairs—the editorial staff of QSR and FSR, dive into the biggest maintenance risks, costs, and issues and help restaurants find the best ways to initiate a robust R&M program that can minimize downtime and disruptions in order to save time and money while reducing strain on labor.

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