Fazoli’s is Launching an Unprecedented Growth Plan: Italian-American concept is aggressively seeking franchisees by rolling out an unmatched package of incentives.

In the crowded quick-serve franchise space, Italian-American purveyor Fazoli’s is a brand that truly differentiates itself from the competition, and their answer to the COVID-19 pandemic is no different. The brand is inviting franchisees into the Fazoli’s family with a low-risk, low-cost conversion path that requires zero money down, and zero franchise and royalty fees for one full year.

The brand is referring to the plan as an “industry game-changer” and it falls in line with Fazoli’s cutting edge way of doing business. That starts at the top, say current franchisees.

“These times call for restaurant franchisors and franchisees to play an increasingly important role and remain extremely nimble to continuously explore new ideas and strategies to keep business moving forward profitably and serving our communities,” says Fazoli’s franchisee Mike Lokhandwala. The brand’s ability to be nimble is part of the reason they enjoyed their best month ever during the midst of a pandemic that sent other brands reeling.

The aggressive franchise development program is Fazoli’s way of helping the industry get back on its feet. The carnage of the pandemic is real, but there’s also an opportunity to be part of a strong upward momentum into the future, says Howard.

“Unfortunately, a lot of businesses went under over the last few months,” says Fazoli’s CEO Carl Howard. “With over thirty years as an industry leader, Fazoli’s is equipped with a solid foundation and experienced leadership to adapt and pivot quickly. This year has brought incredible challenges to the industry, and our aggressive franchise development program is our way of reaching out to current and potential franchisees, and saying, ‘Let’s build this back up together.’”

The brand knows it has something unique and special to share with fans, boasting a high-quality menu with unmatched value. “Nobody can do what we do for under $8,” Howard says. Additionally, during the pandemic, Fazoli’s added a family meal bundle that provided dinner for a whole family for just $20. Promotions like this help the one-of-a-kind brand meet the needs of various customer profiles, meaning it endures during good and bad times alike. That makes it one of the most promising franchise opportunities out there.

“Fazoli’s is a ‘right-for-the-times’ brand,” Howard says. “We do well in a strong economy or a weak economy. Our entire leadership team also has first-hand experience with franchising. Our CFO, senior vice president of operations, and myself, the CEO, were all franchisees of different brands at some point in our careers. We understand what it is like to be a franchisee and know the difference between distribution and a capital call. My goal is to make our franchisees millionaires, or make millionaires millions more.”

For more information on how to partner with Fazoli’s, check out fazolis.com.