The Pizza Press Wants Team Players for Growth: Joining the brand means making a commitment to the local community

“We’re really the full package,” Dara Maleki, founder of The Pizza Press, says about his California-based quick serve. “With us it’s not just about the food, it’s about service and atmosphere as well.” The restaurant chain is looking for franchisees who are committed to growing the franchise while staying true to these qualities.

The Pizza Press gives their customers a “newsworthy” experience complete with customizable pizzas, grab-and-go salads, comforting desserts, and a selection of craft beer and wine. The newspaper theme is found in the decor of each store and on the menu, which includes a selection of signature pizzas like the “The Tribune,” which has sweet Italian sausage, ricotta, and Kalamata olives. For Maleki, this is how The Pizza Press distinguishes itself from its competitors. “What we offer our guests is an upscale environment with higher-end flavor profiles,” he says. Customers can choose from a rotating selection of 20 craft beers on tap at each location to accompany their meal, which bridges the gap between the lunch daypart and dinner daypart because it offers lots of options.

These options have equaled longer stays for in-store diners. “Our in-store diners stay for an average of 30–40 minutes unlike most other quick serves.” Creating a comfortable atmosphere for diners is important to Maleki and has been a big part of the brand’s success. “We opened in 2012 in Anaheim as a simple concept. We really wanted to deliver quality product with excellent customer service, in a great environment.” Four years later, the brand has expanded their market throughout California and has stayed true to that core mission.

Franchisees who are interested in joining the Pizza Press team should have at least $200,000 in liquid capital and an “enthusiasm” for the brand. “We’re looking for team players,” Maleki says. “If they’ve got the right attitude then we’re more than happy to bring them on board.”

Applicants don’t need to have previous fast-casual experience, but it does help. Franchisees can also choose between a single location or multiple units and should expect to spend three to four weeks getting to know The Pizza Press’ management team prior to opening. The Pizza Press team provides marketing and social media support as well as an online-ordering system to capitalize on take-out orders.

Franchisees should know that an investment in a Pizza Press location isn’t just an investment in a quick serve—it’s also an investment in their local community. Maleki stresses that one of the biggest reasons that Pizza Press is successful is because the company understands how important it is to give back. “We work with our franchisees to build a business plan that works for their community and we help the communities around us by being involved in great, local causes.”

Maleki says that the output of support comes back tenfold to the business through diners’ support of the brand. The Pizza Press is ready to expand into new markets with franchises who want to be part of a unique concept and who are ready to offer diners more than just great food.

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