Within weeks of Apple’s iOS 6 mobile system launch, Qdoba was offering Chicago customers access to its rewards card through Apple’s new Passbook program.

Passbook—a mobile wallet of sorts—holds everything from movie passes and plane tickets to gift cards and reward cards.

“For us, it’s really about giving our consumers choice,” says Bree Thomas, director of digital and experiential marketing for Qdoba. “We have received some feedback that consumers show up and forget their card. We’ve also seen research where consumers don’t always want to carry around that plastic card in their wallet. It’s about better customer service and giving them an option.”

So far, Chicago customers like the option, and so does Qdoba. “They’re used to interacting with us that way and expect that from us,” Thomas says. “Given that mobile sales are eclipsing even desktops now, we think it’s important to meet our guests’ expectations in that space.”

Starbucks is another brand experiencing positive results with Passbook. Customers are using the application to manage both rewards and purchases, says Linda Mills, senior manager of global brand public relations.

“With Passbook, a customer’s Starbucks card automatically shows up on the device screen as soon as the customer enters the store,” she says. “We have seen tremendous response from this, and we’re pleased to be able to extend our mobile offerings to make payment that much easier for our customers.”

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