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Drones to Drop Chipotle Burritos over Virginia Tech

2016-09-13 Chipotle is participating in testing food delivery via drones on the campus of Virginia Tech, which the company says could eventually allow it to reac...

Chipotle Offers Free Drinks for Students

2016-08-29 Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. announced a promotion to help make heading back to school a little easier.

Chipotle Getting Into Burger Business with Tasty Made

2016-07-29 It’s official: Chipotle is getting into the better-burger business.

Chipotle Q2 Earnings Fall Short of the Mark

2016-07-22 Chipotle just can’t seem to right the ship.

Chipotle Debuts New Short Film, 'A Love Story'

2016-07-07 Chipotle Mexican Grill released “A Love Story,” an original, animated short film that follows the story of two young entrepreneurs, Ivan and Evie, and...

Will 2 New Initiatives from Chipotle Win Customers Back?

2016-06-30 Chipotle announced two big moves in its ongoing quest to regain customers after food-safety scares late last year stalled the fast casual’s explosive ...

Chipotle Now Offers Chorizo in Select Cities

2016-06-29 Chipotle Mexican Grill announced that it is adding chorizo, a spicy chicken and pork sausage, as a new menu item in select cities beginning today.

Chipotle Unveils New Summer Rewards Program

2016-06-27 Chipotle Mexican Grill unveiled its Chiptopia Summer Rewards, a three-month-long promotion that begins July 1.

NPD: Fast-Casual Growth Slowed in the Winter

2016-06-07 Addressing the state of the restaurant industry for the last several years sounds like a broken record.

Chipotle's Asian Concept ShopHouse Opens New L.A. Unit

2016-04-28 ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen, the Southeast Asian restaurant created by Chipotle Mexican Grill, opened its newest restaurant in Los Angeles’ bust...