Chain: Ben & Jerry's

A Survival Guide to Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day

On Tuesday, Ben & Jerry’s will thank its dedicated fans with free scoops of euphoric ice cream flavors, chock full of chunks and swirls. This much-anticipated “holiday” was established in 1979 when Ben & Jerry’s marked its first year in business by giving out free scoops to customers in Burlington, Vermont, where the company was […]

Ben & Jerry’s BRRR-ito Returns for Warmer Days

Last year, just when consumers thought a burrito couldn’t get any better, Ben & Jerry’s delivered the BRRR-ito: a chewy crepe-like wrap surrounding a choice of ice cream flavors, drizzled in hot fudge, and topped with cookie crumbles. Beginning on April 20, the scoop shop fan favorite BRRR-ito will return, but it is only making […]

Ben & Jerry’s Instills ‘Core’ Values with New Classes

Long known for being socially progressive and active, Ben & Jerry’s is now offering its associates an opportunity to cultivate their own passions through two online classes. The Vermont-based brand partnered with Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont, and the Story of Stuff Project to launch the Core Academy, comprised of two four-week courses. Last fall […]

Ben & Jerry’s Celebrates SNL’s 40th Anniversary with LTOs

Ben & Jerry’s unveiled two Saturday Night Live (SNL) sketch–inspired flavors:  Lazy Sunday and Gilly’s Catastrophic Crunch.  These first two in a line of four SNL flavors were carefully crafted with specific SNL sketches as inspiration. Gilly’s Catastrophic Crunch is a combination of chocolate and sweet cream ice creams, with caramel clusters, fudge-covered almonds, and […]

Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Truck Hits Seattle to Create Unique Flavor

Ben & Jerry’s is rolling into the Emerald City this summer for the second year in a row with its social media–driven Scoop Truck tour, offering free scoops of the company’s new Greek Frozen Yogurt flavors. Ben & Jerry’s is also looking to local Seattle fans to help develop a unique, local flavor. The new […]

FreedomPay Puts Ben & Jerry’s on Technology Fast Track

FreedomPay announced today that Ben & Jerry's, the iconic American ice cream company, is deploying the FreedomPay Commerce Platform across their domestic U.S. franchise scoop shop system, with their sights set on embracing current trends and accelerating innovation.

Local Inspiration to Churn Up New Ben & Jerry’s Flavors

Ben & Jerry’s is mixing up something unique in popular U.S. cities: a flavor as local as a city itself. Calling it “City Churned,” the ice cream maker will be the first of its kind to crowdsource locally inspired flavors that are literally created by the cities themselves. The “City Churned” campaign kicks off in […]

Ben & Jerry’s Truck Doles Out Free Scoops in L.A.

Thirty-four years ago, two homemade ice cream guys named Ben and Jerry opened up the front door at their little mom and pop Scoop Shop in Burlington, Vermont, to celebrate their first year of business by handing out free ice cream all day long. Fast-forward from 1979 to 2013 and Ben & Jerry’s is still […]

Ben & Jerry’s Blend Smoothies, Shakes for New Product

From March 15 through May 31, Ben & Jerry's scoop shops are serving up the Liz Lemon Schmake, which consists of the new Greek Frozen Yogurt flavor, Liz Lemon, blended with Berry Berry and sorbet. In addition to the Schmake, Ben & Jerry's is offering the Liz Lemon Waffle Bowl Sundae. The item includes a […]

Ben & Jerry’s Recognizes Outstanding Employees

On Saturday, January 19, Ben & Jerry’s proudly congratulated the recipients of the Big “O” Operator of the Year award, Social Mission Award, and the Mentor of the Year Award at this year’s Global Franchise Meeting. With more than 100 years combined scooping the dream for Ben & Jerry’s, Peter Mackauf, Larry Krasnow, Michelle Alcantar, […]