Chain: Good Stuff Eatery

Spike Mendelsohn Joins Feeding the 5000 in D.C.

Feedback, DC Central Kitchen, and Chef Spike Mendelsohn, along with a coalition of partners, will host a Feeding the 5000 event in Washington, D.C., Wednesday, May 18, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Woodrow Wilson Plaza at the Ronald Regan Building and International Trade Center. Each Feeding the 5000 event provides 5,000 members of the […]

‘Top Chef’ Alum’s Fast Casual Preps for Franchise Growth

News of a better-burger brand bolstering its executive team and preparing for major franchise growth isn’t an immediately grabbing headline these days; the category has long since expanded across the country and established itself as a tour de force in the fast-casual world. But Good Stuff Eatery isn’t your average better-burger brand. The Washington, D.C.–based […]

Former White House Food Vet Joins Mendelsohn Group

The Mendelsohn Family announced that John Renninger, after 20 years in the United States Navy, joins the Sunnyside Restaurant Group as director of operations. Renninger recently retired from eight years in the White House Presidential Food Service and brings 20 years of culinary experience to the position. As director of operations, Renninger will oversee the […]

Good Stuff Eatery Opens in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

After much anticipation, Good Stuff Eatery opened its doors in Riyadh and marked the brand’s international expansion with its first location in Saudi Arabia. The restaurant’s grand opening signals the demands for Good Stuff Eatery’s handcrafted burgers, handcut fries, and handspun shakes outside of the U.S. The iconic burger brand from Washington, D.C., is licensed […]

Spike Mendelsohn’s Burger Brand Heading to Saudi Arabia

Before the Mendelsohn family opened their first Good Stuff Eatery on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., they made sure they were absolutely prepared. Instead of hastily opening multiple units, the family focused on getting things right with the pilot location, a meticulous approach that turned the eatery into one of D.C.’s most popular fast-casual burger […]