The Slapfish’s Clobster Grilled Cheese

“Adding rich lobster to an iconic dish like grilled cheese is a no-brainer. After trying it, the lobster almost tasted too rich (who would have thought) so we cut some of the richness with crab, which also adds a sweet flavor and a new texture.”

The Players:

• Lobster

• Crab

• Sourdough bread

• Nutty toasted butter

• Jersey sauce

• Mozzarella

• Cheddar

• Gruyere

—Andrew Gruel

Founder, Slapfish

Rubio’s Wild-caught Argentinian Red Shrimp

Wild-caught Argentinian Red Shrimp

“Grilled shrimp is one of our most popular seafood items, and we’ve developed several dishes that feature a variety of spices and unique flavor combinations influenced by different regions of the world. Our new wild-caught Argentinian Red Shrimp, which was sourced off the coast of Argentina and selected for its large size and sweet flavor, is drizzled with smoked paprika and tomato butter to further enhance the flavor experience.

“We’re continuously expanding our menu to include a wide selection of grilled seafood options, and are proud to say that nearly all of our seafood is sustainable.”

The Players:

• Argentinian shrimp

• Sea salt

• Smoked paprika

• Garlic

• Sundried tomato

• Oregano

—Ralph Rubio


Long John Silver’s Grilled Salmon Bowl

Long John Silver’s Grilled Salmon Bowl

“We’ve developed and begun to expand a brand-new line of grilled seafood items. We’re very excited about our grilled seafood line. The star of that lineup is a grilled salmon product, which is our top selling grilled item. That’s available as a plated meal, a taco, and also a rice bowl.

“When we look at our grilled platform, we love the fact that we’re going to offer these menu items to our customers, and it’s not just about health; it’s about the fact that these products taste great.”

The Players:

• Wild-caught Alaskan pink salmon

• Long-grain rice

• Shaved cabbage slaw

• Three flavor profiles: Southwest Baja, Pico, or Asian Sweet Chili

—James O’Reilly, CEO

Image credit: Slapfish, Rubio’s, Long John silvers
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