According to a report by Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail, the California farm originially suspected to be the source of the 2006 Taco Bell E. coli outbreak is suing the quick-serve for libel.

The Oxnard, California-based Boskovich Farms, Inc. filed the lawsuit March 14 in Orange County Superior Court according to the news source. The farm claims that Taco Bell officials knew that Boskovich’s green onions were not the source of contamination before publicaly absolving them. The farm also claims that Taco Bell continued to associate their produce with the outbreak even after the Food and Drug Administration confirmed that the onions did not contain E. coli.

Neither company has released a statement addressing the lawsuit.

Taco Bell serves more than two billion consumers each year in more than 5,800 restaurants in the U.S. In 2005, it generated sales of $1.8 billion in company restaurants and $4.4 billion in franchise restaurants.

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