Since its inception, Champs Chicken has prided itself on consistent product quality, brand recognition, and retailer profitability. After enjoying growth with more than 520 branded food locations in 29 states, the company has taken steps to ensure these attributes continue to thrive in all locations. Champs Chicken recently unveiled its new franchise program, opening the first of such locations this week at Moser’s Supermarket in Mexico, Missouri.

The Champs Chicken franchise model—a business-within-a-business operation that requires no upfront fees or on-going royalties—was formulated after CEO Shawn Burcham and team examined Champs Chicken’s top-tier retailers around the country. The team quickly found several similarities among its most successful, fastest growing partners: the right equipment, quality advertising, and most importantly, a high level of commitment to their hot food program.

The Champs Chicken franchise program is ideal for these retailers, as the company will invest heavily in their success. For example, Champs Chicken will offer marketing development funds to franchisees in order to boost advertising and promotional efforts, such as billboards, coupon mailings, and take-out menus.

“We’ve been able to develop these corporate funded programs due to our continued growth and the efficiency created from our new national distribution center,” Burcham says. “Further, we’re accomplishing this while staying true to our approach of not charging our operators royalty fees.”

Other key features of the Champs Chicken franchise program include dual digital menu boards with cloud-based technology, allowing for remote access to update prices and menu offerings, and a touch screen point-of-sale ordering system, enabling retailers to completely monitor inventory and sales.

“The biggest step up is the new POS system,” Burcham says. “With this, retailers will receive real-time data and know exactly what’s selling, which price promotions are working, and be better able to manage labor and waste. This system, coupled with the significant marketing development funds, will prove to make our independently-owned locations more profitable.”

Using new technology was a strong selling point for Roger Moser, CEO of Moser’s Supermarket. “You’ve got to keep up with the times,” Moser says. “Plus, I knew Shawn would treat us right and that the Champs Chicken team would be here in full force.”

“I think our long-term relationship with Moser’s is a testament to what we do for all our retailers,” adds Burcham. “Moser’s was our first licensed Champs Chicken location 15 years ago, and today, they are our first franchise partner.”

Denise Lee Yohn: QSR's Marketing Guru, News, Champs Chicken