In a continuing effort to utilize advanced dairy processing technologies designed to provide its customers with the most desirable and convenient packaging options, Byrne Dairy will launch its new ESL 16-ounce product line on January 1, 2010. The line consists of existing milks and newly formulated flavored milks processed under Ultra High Temperature (UHT) conditions at Byrne’s Ultra Dairy facility.

A newly installed Sidel Predis uses a Combi machine that operates with a single piece of equipment for blow molding, filling, and capping, guaranteeing total food safety and helping enhance both the quality and shelf life of products. The inline rotary filler will produce up to 300 bottles of dairy and non-dairy products per minute and is the first of its kind in the U.S. The filler represents the latest technology in sustainable and precision manufacturing with bottle preforms heated and blown from fully recyclable PET plastic. To enhance its visibility, impact, and brand awareness with the consumer, an entirely new family of labels has been designed.

The flavor varieties include Chocolate (3.25 percent fat), Low Fat Chocolate (1 percent fat,), Low Fat Strawberry (1 percent fat), Fat Free White, Low Fat White (2 percent fat), Vitamin D, Iced Cappuccino, and Iced Mocha Cappuccino. Additionally, a complete line of flavored non-dairy creamers will also be available.

The ESL process will result in products with shelf life of up to 90 days (with refrigeration) opening up new warehousing and distribution opportunities as well as expansion into convenient stores, quick-service restaurants, food vending companies, and food distributors across the country. Byrne’s products will also be available in 12 and 8 ounce bottles for customers wanting either private label or the recognized Byrne Dairy brand name.

“Longer shelf life clearly gives our customers added value … fewer deliveries and longer date codes mean that less product will need to be thrown away,” says Carl Byrne, president and CEO. “For the consumer, the precision neck finish of the bottle allows us to eliminate the often-challenging foil seal. As a result, children can now easily open and re-seal the bottle, giving parents a safe, convenient, and healthy alternative to carbonated drinks.”

Another feature for customer’s specialized product development, Byrne’s Ultra Dairy Pilot Plant can create unique flavor profiles in batch samples. Products can be made in a cost-effective, controlled environment and be ready for launch without costly delays.

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