Edible maintains its pioneering role by innovating in the gifts and treats category with the introduction of a new coffee and tea program featuring farmer-direct products from Thrive Farmers, for at-home enjoyment. 

As the world’s leading gift and treat destination, Edible continues to forge new partnerships with other like-minded renowned brands. Thrive Farmers, the latest brand to partner with Edible, brings a strategic approach to broadening its existing extensive offerings within the gifting category to include high-quality coffees and teas directly sourced from farmers. The two brands align in their values and commitment to quality , making the connection powerful for both sets of customers.  

Aligning with the impending colder weather and bustling holiday season, the coffee & tea program provides artisanal products that make each day more meaningful. Officially launching on Sept. 13, the new product line includes: 

●      True North Coffee: This farmer-  direct 100% Arabica, Central American and African blend is a medium roast coffee with notes of citrus fruit, caramel and Swiss chocolate

●      Morning Ritual Coffee: This farmer- direct 100% Arabica, Central and South American blend is a medium/dark roast coffee with notes of roasted nuts and rich brown sugar

●      Herbal Tea Sampler: Egyptian Chamomile, Pacific Peppermint and Hibiscus Berries flavors

●      Three Tea Sampler: Black, Green and Herbal Tea Sampler Pack


Both coffees come ground in six ounce bags, and the tea sets have five sachets per blend with 15 total bags. Each item will be featured under Edible’s add-ons, bundles and gift boxes. 

“Edible has a consistent desire to explore new beverage offerings along with other untapped product sectors,” said Angela Johnson, VP of Innovation & Merchandising. “Shelf stable beverages provided by experienced partners like Thrive Farmers offer a strategic approach to introduce this new category to our customers. With the holiday season quickly approaching and that being one of our highest sales quarters for the year, we’re excited to enhance our gifting category. This year, we’ve debuted a number of new products and each were well received by our customers, so our coffee and tea beverage launch will no doubt see the same results.”

Upholding its title as a leading retailer and e-commerce provider, Edible continues to release innovative, creative new products that align with its goal of being the ultimate gifts and treats destination across the globe. The brand’s partnership with Thrive Farmers follows its notable debut of the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe inspired line of surprises with Nintendo and its exciting announcement with Brand Central as its licensing agency. 

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