For moms who want to get in on the buzz, it might be time to gather the kids around the dining room table and TV. Kentucky Fried Chicken has created a new, tasty way to satisfy family appetites — the KFC Boneless Variety Bucket — and an interactive advertising campaign that will have Americans abuzz about this new please-all-palates family meal. The MosquitoTone, a high-frequency tone allegedly heard by only segments of the population, is embedded in a new KFC television advertisement to introduce the Boneless Variety Bucket. Hungry KFC fans who can guess where the sound is placed in the ad will have an opportunity to be among the first to try the Boneless Variety Bucket.

“I’m thrilled that KFC is spicing up their ads with the Mosquito Ringtone — it’s really an innovative marketing technique,” says Simon Morris, commercial director of Compound Securities Systems. “It shows how clever and irreverent advertising can resonate in unexpected ways with their customers.”

The sound is too high-pitched for most adults to hear because most people begin to lose the ability to hear high-frequency tones starting at age 20. This is a fact not lost on young Americans who seek the sound for clandestine ringtones that don’t turn the heads of nearby adults. KFC is now bringing this high-tech concept to perk the ears of all age groups nationwide.

“KFC is finding new ways to provide meal solutions for families, and our new Boneless Variety Bucket gives moms three ways to bring back dinner and please everyone at the table,” says James O’Reilly, chief marketing officer for KFC. “We’re also committed to finding new ways to engage Americans through their television sets, with advertising that is interactive, fun, and ultimately rewards people for paying attention. We call it the 21st century dinner bell.”

The new KFC Boneless Variety Bucket includes 100 percent premium boneless white meat chicken; four crispy strips, eight boneless honey barbeque wings; and a large popcorn chicken for $9.99 at participating restaurants.

The first 1,000 people who log onto and can guess where the MosquitoTone is embedded in the new ad will win $10 in KFC gift checks which may be used toward the purchase of the new Boneless Variety Bucket. The special offer kicks off April 11, 2007 when the Boneless Variety Bucket ad debuts nationally. No purchase is necessary. Visit for more details about the ad and information on the new KFC Boneless Variety Bucket.

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