Super Suppers, the leading meal assembly company in the United States, is introducing its new Super Suppers Curbside-To-Go service at participating locations nationwide, offering the same cost-effective, quality dinner solutions with even more convenience for people on the go.

“Our mission is to make it easier for busy people to get a wonderful meal on the table,” said Super Suppers founder Judie Byrd. “Some people still don’t have the time to come inside, so we’ll put together the entrées for them so they can still have a hot, wholesome meal for their families and avoid the fast food drive-through.

Each month, several Super Suppers entrées will be available on the Super Suppers Curbside-To-Go menu. Customers simply call their nearest Super Suppers location, place the order, and pull up at the agreed-upon time to the specially marked Curbside-To-Go parking space outside the store. The ready-to-cook entrée and a receipt are delivered right to the customer’s car.

With Super Suppers Curbside-To-Go, a family of four can enjoy a meal with entrée and two side items for a total of about $30. This compares with total costs of $37.76 and $56.64, respectively, to feed a family of four at two leading national restaurant chains that offer curbside pickup service.

Super Suppers’ move into curbside pick-up service addresses a growing trend in the food service arena. While 77 percent of meals are eaten at home, takeout and drive-through sales have soared recently, from $104 million in 2000 to $274 million in 2005, according to QSR magazine. Much of this growth has been due to the addition of curbside pick-up service by major restaurant chains such as Applebee’s, Chili’s and Outback Steakhouse. According to Applebee’s, “Carside To Go” has become the fastest growing part of the company’s business.

“We are always innovating and taking the lead to bring new value to the meal assembly industry,” says Bill Byrd, Super Suppers CEO. “Super Suppers Curbside-To-Go, we believe, is the first service of its kind by the major players in meal assembly. Most importantly, it meets an important need for many of our customers and potential new customers – time savings.”