Roti Modern Mediterranean—a healthful, food-conscious fast-casual restaurant based in Chicago—will open its first Texas location at the new mixed-use project, McKinney & Olive, in Uptown Dallas at 11 a.m. on Friday. Roti Modern Mediterranean is a restaurant with a commitment to serving wholesome, flavorful, “Food That Loves You Back”.

The menu includes sandwiches (choose house-baked pita or laffa wrap), rice plates, and salads. Roti uses high-quality ingredients like organic chickpeas and sustainable meats such as grass-fed beef, antibiotic and hormone-free chicken and fresh sustainable salmon filleted in-house each morning.

CEO Carl Segal says, “The Mediterranean diet has sustained people for centuries. Rich in vegetables, wholesome grains, and lean protein, this is a delicious and healthful way to eat. At Roti, we source only the finest ingredients, prepare them simply and with pride, then serve them exactly how you want them.”

Roti offers a highly customizable, “build your own” style menu. Customers are first asked to choose a Sandwich, Salad, or (the most popular of the group) Rice Plate. Customers will then progress down the vibrant food line choosing as many house-made Mediterranean toppings, sides, and sauces as they like. Each meal also comes with a whole-wheat, house-baked pita.

Segal says, “We want you to craft an eating experience that’s uniquely yours. Whatever you’re in the mood for, whether it’s char-grilled steak, crispy falafel, or something spicy, we’ll help you curate your perfect meal — ensuring that whichever path you choose, they all lead to delicious. We want you to feel great about your choices, knowing that we’ll make sure everything we serve is wholesome and full of flavor.”

A little more on the FOOD:


Roti’s chicken is antibiotic-free and always raised without hormones


Roti only serves 100 percent grass-fed beef that’s better for the animal, the environment, and the customers


Made with pasture-rasied lamb, vibrant spices, and red quinoa instead of breadcrumbs (making it gluten-free)


Roti uses fresh sustainable Atlantic salmon—NEVER frozen—and filleted by hand during morning prep.


Roti only uses organic chickpeas in their hummus and falafel. These chickpeas have never seen the inside of a can, making for a fresher, better flavor and texture.


Real Salt is harvested from the caves of ancient seabeds in Redmond, Utah. Lower in sodium, this natural salt helps bring out the flavors of their food.


The Buholzer family has been perfecting their craft for over four generations. Roti buys whole blocks of fresh feta cheese in brine and crumbles in-restaurant for a creamier and fresher product.


Roti’s custom recipe is made with organic chickpeas and is gluten-free.


Roti’s partners at Lundberg Farms sustainably grow GMO-free wild and whole grain rice.

An important part of Roti openings is the pre-opening “Community Day” where customers are invited to donate any amount of money at the door in exchange for a complimentary entrée and drink. On June 15, customers can choose to dine for either the lunch session (11 a.m. to 1 p.m.) or dinner session (5:30 to 7:30 p.m.).  All proceeds this day will benefit Cafe Momentum.

Cafe Momentum is a non-profit restaurant providing a transformative experience through a post-release internship program for young men and women coming out of juvenile facilities. The interns rotate through all aspects of the restaurant, focusing on life and social skills, coaching and development. The case management team of Cafe Momentum provides an ecosystem of support around the interns to help them achieve their greatest potential. The restaurant is located at 1510 Pacific Ave. at Akard on Thanks-Giving Square in downtown Dallas and serves dinner Thursday through Saturday beginning at 5:30 p.m.

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