The Buffalo-Niagara region of New York is one of several areas Subway has chosen to test its new breakfast products. Though the sub shop currently offers a variety of egg sandwiches, the company is looking for a “more unified” approach, according to Paula Barrish, regional Subway director of operations.

“This is something we always wanted to do in this market,” says Barrish. Stores in the Buffalo-Niagara region will begin offering offering early birds menu items such as egg sandwiches ($2.29-$2.99), French toast ($2.89), hash browns, or a cinnamon roll ($1.29), by mid-February. Participating Subway’s will open at 7 am. “We will be watching to see what items sell and which are perceived as being customer-friendly,” says Barrish.

Subways in other markets are also testing breakfast items. Eastern Texas stores will soon be selling biscuits and gravy, while some Arizona stores will offer fresh fruit. “For us, it is a perfectly normal segue,” says Barrish. “We’re already making sandwiches for lunch and dinner, why not make them for breakfast?”

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