Your Pie Pizza, the first fast-casual, down-the-line pizza concept, is tossing a new menu item into the mix with the announcement of its Large 14” Pizza, which is now available in stores.

Geared toward gatherings and shareable experiences, all of the restaurant’s signature favorites like The Nat, The Ischia, Southern Heat and more are now available in the large size for dine in, delivery and carry out.

“We believe everything is better with pizza and more people to share it with,” says Drew French, founder of Your Pie. “Whether it’s a newly landed job, breakup, excellent report card or little league win (or loss), we can brighten just about any experience by simply adding pizza. Our aim is to provide that joy for everyone who walks through our doors and I’m eager for our new offering to support that.”

Known for its personalized pizza concept, seasonal craft series and beer, wine and gelato pairings, Your Pie is giving its diners, who craved a larger option to share, a space in which to share it. 

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